Invaders need more help with English

Primary teachers and principals are concerned that there is not enough English language support being given to immigrant children in schools.

Written by Kim Bielenberg, do I smell a rat?

Teaching English to migrant families, who are not fluent, is seen as a crucial part of integration.

Yeah we see how spending billions on integration has worked out for other European countries don’t we. These people are insane.

Something that’s never discussed in all this is how our children’s education suffers. If the teacher is spending all day trying to explain English words to illiterate monkeys they have very little time for our children. But never mention it because that’d be racist.

As we have seen in England recently, white kids can be sacrificed on the alter of multiculturalism.

  • Imperium

    At the very least you should have basic English before being allowed into Ireland. Why should Irish taxpayers have to fork out millions to teach these parasites.

    Saying that I wouldn’t let them in in the first place, problem solved.

  • So they need help with their English. They need jobs. They need free houses. They need free money. They need free medical care. They need free food. They need need need.

    I’d like someone to tell me what the Irish get out of this arrangement apart from crime & shitty ethnic food shops.