Irish Aid and Irish Homelessness

Let’s put this into context. We have an issue whereby this country is borrowing hundreds of millions every year and paying interest on that money as part of a national debt to give it to Africa for free.

These same Africans are then coming over to this country to tell us that Ireland no longer belongs to us.

While all this is going on there are literally thousands of Irish natives homeless on the street…

The Journal:

THERE WERE OVER 2,700 homeless children staying in emergency accommodation on a single week last month, a new record high.

Latest figures from the Housing Department show that there were 1,302 families with 2,708 homeless children staying in emergency accommodation in Ireland.

As well as this, there were 4,972 adults, giving a combined number of 7,680 people.

This surpasses all previous months, setting a record high for number of homeless people in Ireland over the past number of decades. There were 7,552 homeless people last month (a rise of 128).

The Irish Times:

Twelve homeless families, including more than 30 children, were told to go to Garda stations in Dublin on Tuesday night because no other emergency accommodation was available.

Among them were three families, recently evicted from their homes, who presented at Store Street Garda station but eventually chose instead to sleep rough in a nearby park. Other families were directed to Pearse Street and Clondalkin stations, it is understood.


Okay the figures speak for themselves, 2700 children and 5000 adults homeless in Ireland today as in right now.

So do you want to know how much money we gave Irish aid in 2015?

Answer: “In 2015, the Government provided a total of €647.51 million in Official Development Assistance (ODA).”

And that is straight from the foreword of the Irish Aid 2015 annual report by Charlie Flanagan TD and Joe McHugh TD (I wonder how fat their expense accounts are)

Here is the full Irish aid annual report for 2015 in PDF format

Annex one is particularly interesting…

Gibs us dat gibs whitey

Irish aid are also piloting an initiative called the development education strategy 2017 to 2023 and they are going to be deploying it in Irish schools. You would be wrong to think that this is an initiative for Irish children. It is is a propaganda exercise which is intended to soften up Irish people toward spending money on negroes when they are at their most impressionable i.e. when they are school children.

Here is an expert from their website regarding program…

Ireland has a long and proud history in development education thanks to many of the civil society organisations represented here today and which pre-dates the start of Ireland’s official aid programme which is itself now over 40 years old.  The Development Education Strategy 2017-2023 aims to increase access to development education in Ireland, in schools and colleges, in local and community groups, and among the old and young.
Development education is a lifelong educational process which encourages people to critically analyse and challenge the root causes and consequences of global hunger, poverty and injustice, challenge stereotypes and engage in action to bring about change in both their local and global communities.

€4 Million for Arabs in Yemen
Sweet fuck all for Irish People

I suppose the jew tool clowns and the careerist bureaucrats on the NGO gravy train will tell me that I’m wrong to conflate the issue of Irish homelessness with our “(((responsibilities)))” towards international aid and starving blacks in Africa but the truth is that we are morally responsible for no one but ourselves.

What we are doing with the Irish aid situation is exactly the same as a father letting his children go hungry so that he can bring total strangers from another country into his home and house and feed them.

It is really simple, the root cause of poverty in Africa is not climate or the legacy of colonialism or any of that nonsense it is the fact that Africans have an average IQ of 70.

Africa is rich with natural resources such as rare-earth metals, salt, diamonds, gold, oil and natural gas and not to mention tourism potential. The list goes on and on and on but these Africans are too stupid to actualise any of this potential but instead they flood into Europe with the help of NGOs so that they can live in our homes at the expense of our people who lie homeless on the street.

Irish aid borrows money from the European Central bank so that it can give it interest-free to Blacks in places like Uganda where it is hoovered up by the people at the top.

“None of the senior Ugandan government officials implicated in the theft of €4 million of Irish Aid money last year has been held to account for their actions, a new report about graft in the east African country claims.”

“The Government should have done more to spot the danger signs in the years leading up to a 2012 corruption scandal in which millions of euro in foreign donors funds were siphoned into the bank accounts of Ugandan officials, according to a report commissioned by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The audit also found that Irish Aid’s programme in Uganda was too ambitious and did not respond well enough to changes on the ground.”

Even if all of this aid wasn’t lost to corruption you simply cannot take care of these people because they refuse to take care of themselves and then breed at a ridiculous rate.


You keep feeding, they will keep breeding


It doesn’t make a difference, you can pour money into Africa constantly it will never change because Africans never change. All this does is make us poorer and ensures that our people stay homeless and on the streets.

Go on Irish Government tell her that she doesn’t have a home because you gave some niggers a few hundred million this year.

Why don’t you let Charlie Flanagan know what you think of Irish aid.

You can also give Joe McCue some helpful suggestions regarding the Irish aid bill

  • Wesley Keeley

    let the Africans go hungry and start giving are own people a future

    • Imperium

      Now now young man don’t you know that’d be racist!

  • FlorianGeyer

    AID, you mean AIDS ! Thats what these numbers are. I often cite those figures aswel , crazy numbers! Further compounded when you look at the state of OUR :infrastructure, unemployed, lack of housing etc especially for our most vulnerable citizens. The old have their fuel allowance cut , and much much more. All this is happening in the background and we are paying over half a billion in AID(S). when you look at how the government is harking on , basically begging for a reduction of a percent or two in repayments to the IMF and EU .:”The State last year paid €405 million in interest to the European Financial Stability Facility and €661 million to the European Financial Stabilisation Mechanism. These institutions provided €40.9 billion between them in bailout funds to Ireland five years ago.” Id love to see leftists , who claim, incredulousy to be for the working man defend these numbers.