Germany: Two Turkish nationals arrested for raping 13-year-old girl after forcing themselves into her home


The Public Prosecutor in the German city of Schwerin has opened an investigation against two men, aged 19 and 31, on the suspicion of raping and sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl in her own house. According to German newspaper ‘Schweriner Volkszeitung’, the two suspects are Turkish nationals.

German broadcaster NDR reports that the attack happened last night near the town of Wismar, in the far North of Germany. It is presumed that the girl, who reportedly was injured as a result of the assault, had previously met one of the men via a messenger app.

Just the tip of a very large and ever growing iceberg. Turkroaches are pure scum, I despise them. European memory has been wiped of our long history in fighting these animals. When we take back Europe, and we will, Turkey should be cleansed of these vermin once and for all.

In the wise words of Katie Hopkins recently, we need a FINAL SOLUTION to the Turk problem.

  • Imperium

    Turkroaches LMAO. What a great name for these people. The father or other male relatives of this young girl should find these fucks & put them in a deep dark hole.