Ramadan 2017

Ramadan is back again, heralding in another heightened period of bloodshed worldwide from the religion of peace

From Friday 26th of May, through to Saturday 24th of June, the world will see daily a glut of blood letting and barbarism as the filth kill during the day so as to keep their mind off the fasting induced hunger.

Some of the tally in recent years

ISIS have already put out a call for mass violence this Ramadan, as they did last year.

Ramadan 2016 was a gorefest, thousands dying at the hands of uber-peaceful shitskins while #prayfor hashtags flew and liberals busily hunted down any evil white males who might be seeing a pattern or connection to all this.

This is more evil than what the Muslims have done to English children in the mind of a liberal
At the time of writing, Katy Hopkins has already been given the sack from her radio slot for demanding a solution to this mess

We have had a solid week of butchery around the world with a hashtag for each event. From Manchester’s Arena bombing through to the bus full of Coptic children gunned down by Halawa’s friends in Egypt, Ramadan hadn’t even started yet but the build up has been explosive.

These kids deserve it because they were christian and America bombed Afghanistan
With all this, what have we heard ad nauseum from the liberal sycophants?

While soldiers take to the streets of England in a borderline martial law scenario, it’s important to remember that it’s all our fault because of the Iraq war etc, bombing little girls at pop concerts is the natural reaction to Israeli induced oil wars don’t you know?

Surely at this point the average person is beginning to see through this liberal brain sodomy? After hundreds of thousands of their children are raped and the filth doing it are protected, when so many have been killed through terror and it’s only increasing in scale, you would hope a growing number of Men are growing toward a reaction?

Ha! This will show ’em!

Well there’s little evidence, the apologists are as numerous as ever, the mindless vigils and visits to mosques and platitudes and endless pontificating about love over hate rattles on without answer. The mindless fuckwits that stand in the street waving banners in Tesco car parks and LARP as Romper Stomper still number in the dozens and do absolutely fuck all of use.

England has capitulated and we are next.

Back to Ramadan

Considering the death toll last year and how things have started in 2017, we can expect to be shown a symphony of violence over the next month. This will culminate with Eid, a day where the filth butcher animals out in the streets, letting rivers of blood flow and congeal in Muslim areas, a fitting finish to a butcher’s holiday. This also will not be countered by liberals, who make a great game of showing faux regard for animal welfare and yet turn the other cheek for Halal and Kosher practices.

Try and get PETA to make noise about this one
What will Ramadan bring for Ireland?

Our Muslim population has rocketed in recent times and they more and more are reverting to form.

With twelve identified jihadi’s in South Dublin, unable to be heavily monitored due to lack of funding and manpower and the previously mentioned structures we have here already, we can be assured of more than enough scope for mayhem to visit the Irish.

South Dublin beware

That 12 man group used to be closer to two dozen, but 8 have since died fighting for ISIS in Syria. With the other dog in Waterford trying to slither his way out of trouble after being picked up for gathering funding for ISIS, things have really picked up pace here in a short space of time, we will be lucky to see out the year without Irish blood being spilled by these sub humans, how will we react?

Can you see the #PrayforDublin hashtag?

The endless vigils and exhortations for love conquering all and winning by not reacting? It’s almost assured, what will be on the minds of our media will be whether or not any of us will be evil enough to react in a more fitting and effective manner.

If only we had known that loving the British would have granted us freedom!

Hate is the natural counterpart to love, these people cannot seem to grasp that the only true measurement of love is how much you can hate on behalf of what you love.

To truly demonstrate love in the face of these barbarous attacks we should react with a searing, baleful, virulent and unquenchable hatred. If these fuckers really had any love in their hearts for the victims, then every Muslim in the Western world would be reamed in the morning.

Instead we see promoted not love but fear, fear of breaking rank, fear of reacting or of confronting our enemies.

Fear is the true mark of modernity.