South Africans trapped ‘like frogs in boiling water’ as racial violence escalates

HELESTI Daye-Fourie never leaves her house after dark. The risk of being carjacked and shot standing in her own driveway is too high.

Any Irish person reading this ever have this experience?

Every day after picking up her eight-year-old son from school, the Johannesburg mum-of-two takes a different route home, eyes on the rear-view mirror. Her 20-month-old toddler sits in his car seat behind her, where he can easily be grabbed at a moment’s notice.

That’s because Ms Day-Fourie doesn’t want her son, in the event of an attack, to be trapped by his seatbelt, dragged along outside of the car and killed — as happened to a four-year-old boy whose parents and sister were forced out of their car by three armed men in nearby Boksburg, just 30 minutes away.

I’m pretty sure the school run for Irish parents is nothing like this. You know what the difference is?


There’s a cosmic constant most whites are blissfully unaware of. The more blacks you have in an area, the more crime you have. And not just petty crime like theft and burglary. What you get is a sharp increase in horrific rape, assault and murder.

When was the last time you saw a Murphy or a Flaherty running down the road eating someone’s leg?

Give it time, we’ll have Mbeki Mboko doing just that here.

  • Imperium

    I vividly remember the anti-apartheid demonstrations here during the 80s. The Jew media had convinced the world that white South Africans were evil personified. While at the same time painting the orcs as helpless victims. Now the blacks are in power & slaughtering whites where is the media outcry? Well the Jews don’t want whites knowing so the silence is deafening.

    Whites are so easily manipulated it’s painful for me to even think about it. What the west did to Sth Africa will forever be a black mark on our history.

    • Wesley Keeley

      Not to mention how beautiful south Africa was when apartheid was around they kept things under control

      • Crime has gone through the roof since the blacks took over. Sth African infrastructure is crumbling. Whites were insane to hand over power.

    • Gidawdah

      Wann ist die neue Wannsee-Konferenz geplant?

  • MargeNAvera

    Why don’t you move away white colonizer! You can’t control Africa.

    • China controls you now & I can tell you they won’t be as nice as we were once they take full control.

      Plus you need to read a little history. There were no blacks in the southern part of Sth Africa when whites arrived.

      There wouldn’t be a Sth Africa without the white man. There’d be stinking tribes eating each other.

  • Gidawdah

    Feuer diese Öfen! Eh?