Asian child molester sentenced

Two and a half years have been handed down today to a ‘Paper Irish’ man named Dahesh Patel (56)

for the sexual exploitation of a minor, in this case a sixteen year old boy whom Patel performed a sex act upon in the bathrooms of a Cork shopping centre.

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The Irish Times reports;

Dahesh Patel had denied the charge of sexually exploiting the teenager in the toilet on June 21st, 2015, but the jury took less than one hour to find him guilty of the offence.

On Monday, at Cork Circuit Criminal Court, Judge Seán Ó Donnabhain noted Patel, of Dillon’s Court, Dillon’s Cross, Cork, had not only denied the charge but had accused gardaí of trying “to stitch him up”.

During the trial, the victim gave evidence by video link of how he was standing at a urinal in the toilet when Patel, who was at another urinal, approached him.

I was under the impression I needed a pee. The man just stared at me and nothing was happening. He said, ‘we can make it happen’ and he grabbed my private and he claimed he was trying to help.

That really confused me – what is he doing, and then he said, ‘do you want some more’ and I said, ‘no thanks’ and he left,”

said the boy, who denied under cross-examination that he was lying.

The article goes on to tell the significant trauma this young lad has endured in the aftermath of Patel’s abuses,

with his autism magnifying the distress and leaving his family deeply worried for him.

The sentence is as lenient as ever but at least we have it reported in national presses and the man has been seen to receive some punishment, we know well enough some cases are far less effectively dealt with.

We shouldn’t be shocked really that a young person with special needs could be under such threat in a public place during day time hours, these third world invaders couldn’t be trusted with an underage hamster.

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I am reminded of the case last year of Faisal Ellahi (34)

Originally from Pakistan who raped a woman with Down Syndrome. He was handed down thirteen years in a disgusting case where not only did the Paki terrorise and rape a mentally impaired woman but had approached and harassed sixteen other woman in the area, in what we are beginning to see as typical Pakistani behaviour.

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The already notable scourge of Pakistani Muslims in the UK are a good window into the future for our women and children if we do not stem their influx and indeed remove them totally from this island.

In the wake of Brexit, British born Pakis making their way here in large numbers should be cause for major concern

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