Child Abuse and Liberal Indoctrination in Caherline National School Limerick

Once upon a time education used to mean learning how to think critically and evaluate the world in an objective sense. What we seeing now and in particular what we see in Caherline National School County Limerick is not the instilling of any sort of critical thinking processes in children but rather a disgusting form of indoctrination whereby children are being conditioned to cheer along with their own destruction and dispossession toward becoming a minority in their own country!

This is a video produced by the school as a virtue signalling propaganda piece.

It shows children being forced into a bizarre display against “racism”.

If you watch the video you will see that they are engaged in what can only be described as cult-like behaviour.

The repeated chanting and the monotonous movements all serve to instill a form of hypnotic fugue state in anybody involved or watching.

Quite simply it is a brainwashing session and an effective one at that because its message is couched in some sort of alleged virtue.

It was produced in association with an organisation called “Show Racism the Red Card“.

Let’s follow the money for a second.

Show Racism the Red Card is an anti-racist “charity” incepted in 1995 when Shaka Hislop donated seed capital to a local anti-racism campaign in Newcastle upon Tyne.


So basically “Show Racism the Red Card” is a non-government organisation “NGO” set up with with foreign money and is functioning as the propaganda vanguard or tip of the spear of an invasion that seeks to dispossess native Europeans in their own land.

Let’s stop for a moment and transpose ourselves into a school in Saudi Arabia as a thought experiment.

Do you think children in that school or any madrassah for that matter are being taught to be tolerant towards other cultures, ethnicities and faiths? Do you think that they are being told to welcome people from other countries or is it just our children that are being taught to do this?

The people who did this ought to be ashamed of themselves as they have actively and willingly targeted children with the dysfunctional, masochistic and self-defeating political ideology of “diversity”.

When the time comes for these children to deal with the fact that they have been made a despised and dispossessed minority in their own country subject to abuse, industrial scale rape and rampant crime just like in Rotherham England then you will see that the pieces of garbage that sent these children down this road and actively facilitated in their dispossession will be nowhere to be seen.

Of course ULTRA-TRAITOR and faggot liberal politician Aodhán Ó Ríordáin would be involved in this.
Look at all this wonderful leering diversity that they forced the children to draw. I especially love the jew at the top.

The Principal of Caherline National School is Michael McCarthy and his personal email address: [email protected]

Why don’t you let them know what you think of him brainwashing and indoctrinating young Irish children.

Don’t threaten him or do anything illegal should you choose to contact him, simply tell him what you think of him and his forcing of his political agenda on children under his alleged care.

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