Sassy fag the REAL loss from Manchester

Since the Manchester bombing and as the victims identities were released, another symptom of the mass mental illness that is modernity made itself apparent

An article in today, relates how a Dublin ‘artist’ has created a nice little capitalist venture out of the death of what has become the face of the victims of Islamic butchery in Manchester, Martyn Hett.

His dying wish was for mum to knock a few bob out of it with a clothing line

Holly Shortall has designed and released a T-shirt in honour of the sodomite socialite, with the blessing of his family a nice little turnover is expected from the typically tasteless graphic.

Apart from the obvious profiteering off his death and the shambolic theme to it, this has reinforced what has become more apparent as time draws on. A degenerate faggot has somehow become the focus as victim in chief in Manchester rather than the women and children.

The queer, as a member of the gay protected class, seems the priority in people’s minds rather than Saffie-Rose Roussos, an eight year old child or the many other victims.

A nation that does not protect it’s children has no future

As details of the victims were released in the following days I noted how the queer had managed to trend on twitter such was his elevated importance. Vigils have been held and the degeneratti have been lamenting the passing of this dysfunctional steadily.

Really lays out how people’s individual importance is applied in the modern world

On the one hand you have a child, who’s generation have society’s future riding upon them and on the other, a degenerate sexually defunct societal poison. A man who not only could not and would not contribute to the future of society but indeed was adding to it’s demise by echoing the stock liberal sentiments of pro refugee and pro Islamic fetishism.

Really makes you think.