48 out of 50 Moroccan Migrants Who Claimed to Be Underage Were Adults


Forty-eight out of 50 Moroccan migrants applying for asylum in Sweden who claimed to be underage are actually adults, according to Swedish border authorities.

The Swedish border police say the problem of false identity papers is rife amongst migrants who originally come from the North African country. Of the 77 people from the country who arrived recently in Sweden, 65 of them were proven to have false documentation and of 50 who claimed to be underage only two were found to be minors, Svenska Dagbladet reports.

This “12 year old refugee” won a children’s running competition in Sweden.

Alexandra Mezher, 22, a Swedish social worker who was allegedly stabbed to death by a ’15-year-old’ asylum seeker at a shelter for refugee children. Gothenburg, Sweden.

I’ve experienced this first hand myself in Ireland. My son plays football for the local under 12s. Quite a few teams he plays have African players. Some of these guys are Hulks compared to the Irish lads. At one game a few weeks ago the only African player on the pitch was bigger than the parents, never mind the children. And I’m not just talking height, this lad could work as a bouncer for fucks sake.

It’s obvious to anyone with eyes and common sense that these lads aren’t 12, more like 15-17. They come into this country with no birth certs so their parents put them down as much younger than they are. You see it means many more years of children’s allowance for these parasites. They know every trick in the book.

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