Landmark moment for Direct Provision and our asylum system

The Supreme Court has ruled it unconstitutional that people in direct provision may not work here and have adjourned for six months so as to give the legislature a chance to remedy the situation.

As reported in The Irish Times;

In a significant decision on Tuesday, the seven-judge Supreme Court unanimously found in favour of the man, but adjourned the matter for six months to allow the legislature consider how to address the situation.

The court found that, “in principle”, the ban in the Refugee Act on asylum seekers seeking employment, is contrary to the constitutional right to seek employment.

The decision could have major implications for other asylum seekers.

Giving the court’s judgment, Mr Justice Donal O’Donnell said the man was eight years in the asylum system before getting refugee status.

While the State can legitimately have a policy of restricting employment of asylum seekers, Section 9.4 of the Refugee Act does “not just severely limit” the right to seek work for asylum seekers, but “removes it altogether”, he said.

If there is no limit on the time for processing an asylum application, that could amount to an absolute prohibition on employment, no matter how long a person was within the system, he said.

He could not accept that if a right is in principle available, that it is an appropriate and permissible differentiation between citizens and non-citizens, and in particular between citizens and asylum seekers, to remove the right for all time for asylum seekers.

The point has been reached when it cannot be said the legitimate differences between an asylum seeker and a citizen can continue to justify the exclusion of an asylum seeker from the possibility of employment,”

Fuck you Irish man this is everyone’s land now
What does this mean in the long term?

The key reason it was pushed through seems to be because an asylum seeker can stay here indefinitely so long as they are still being processed for asylum or waiting on an appeal (which there are no limits upon). So in theory our legislators have a prime opportunity to put limits on how many appeals an asylum seeker can apply for, thus limiting how long they can be here and how much resources they can soak up.

As many of you are well aware the asylum system here is a cash farm for crooked solicitors making endless pay-days from frivolous appeals on failed asylum cases. It has become a farce where blatant liars posing as refugees clog up the system and cost us millions while law dogs make a never ending stream of easy money from a bleeding system.

We can be fairly certain thought that this opportunity will not be used to fix a broken system but what is more likely is one or a combination of outcomes;

  • Asylum seekers will be able to apply for unemployment benefits (jobseekers etc.) as they are legitimately seeking work
  • An amnesty will be pushed through, something the rte has been rumblings for in recent times especially from such disgenics as Aodhann O’Riordan
  • The asylum processing system and direct provision will be seriously weakened in some fashion

These are the most obvious and probable outcomes though no doubt there are other negatives that could arise, either way you and I of the citizenry will get the bill and the blowback.

Aodhann O’Riordann otherwise known as ‘Gaydeen O’Queerdann’ or ‘The Pink Power Ranger’
The real question for me though is how the Constitution, supposedly of the people of Ireland, can be applied to non-citizens?

It is the single strongest advocacy for us against crooked groups seeking to subvert our rights in our own lands, constantly under attack by NGO’s, the EU, our own politicos and their interests.

This represents a worrying breach of our protections under it.

The case itself was brought and won by a Burmese national, who has been here for eight years gaming the system. It is important to note that many Burmese ‘refugees’ are Rohingya Muslims, who after a catalogue of some of the most heinous Islamic barbarism have found Burma to be a particularly dangerous place to be a filthy child butchering Muslim and are on the run.

Rohingya are among the most despicable Islamic groups and have a uniquely bloody history.


The Rohingya can safely be deemed one the most barbaric collections of scumbags to ever slither out of Asia

Citing depression at having nothing to do in DP, he has successfully opened a Pandora’s box as a ‘thank you’ for eight years having been fed, clothed and housed by the people of Ireland.

A fine thanks indeed.

I imagine the many destitute natives suffering our unemployment and homeless crisis wouldn’t turn their nose up at the treatment these moochers receive, yet we hear nothing but complaints from these people about our expensive and overly generous hospitality.

The outcome of this case could have massive ramifications and you can expect a bit of a circus in the next six months as the subversive left attempt to demolish our borders finally and totally to bring in the fucking dregs.

  • Keiser Soze

    So basically any economic migrants can now just call themselves “refugees” and they will get to automatically work here. IT’S CRIMINAL!

    Oh and how many times did that Burmese liar appeal his declined refugee application. Piece of shit!

    • Wesley Keeley

      as the liberal left say’s were all a nation of immigrants and yet too a certain extent it’s true only difference is that Ireland never had Negros running all over the place until now obviously

      • Imperium

        Up until 20 years ago Ireland was 100% white. Now look at it, parts look like Pakistan or Nigeria.