The Plantation continues apace

Muhammad has come out as the fastest growing baby name here in 2016
As with everywhere else, the disgenics are out-breeding us in lieu of being able to best us
The top one hundred are still majority western names and Muhammad is only at 84th place

But the speed with which it is climbing the chart is unmatched, mirroring the rapid growth of Muhammadans in Ireland.

It once again throws up the very real ethnic displacement of our children as it is projected they will struggle to make up half the population of Ireland when they are adults.

Ireland 2050

Between birthrates, outward migration of natives and the incoming flood of foreigners we have single-handedly done more destruction to the Irish people and their hegemony within their own homeland than nearly a millennia of English and British attempts to displace us.

Have a little read through for a break down of how the second plantation is rattling along unopposed.

A shameful legacy that we must fix before it become un-fixable.