Leo takes the hotseat

In a shock outcome, vacuous brown gaylord takes Fine Gael leadership to make the supposed Blueshirts the fascist party of bum touching and ethnic out-breeding.
The quality of the man in the company he keeps. A pedo, an establishment twat and a degenerate nation wrecker
As of now Leo Varadkar is yet to be installed as Taoiseach

But the world is already in a tizzy with the fact we will have our first genetically rootless, cock enthusiast in charge (Mickey Dee being a closet case not withstanding). Through all this the label of Blueshirts is still applied un-ironically to FG as though they have any remaining parallel with O’Duffy’s Fascist movement.

Peter ‘sniffs children’s underwear’ Sutherland

Considering FG Jew Alan Shatter can be credited with opening the flood gates of multikult in Ireland and handing out our citizenship like confetti, while many of their cabinet boast membership of the ‘Friends of Israel’ group, what the fuck anyone is trying to pull making that correlation is beyond me.

“Nana goat gave me pink eye…..”

Add to this the filthy rat Peter Sutherland of Kalergi fame, Hogan the EU agent and Noonan the banker’s best man. Even worse the average pleb laps it up without a second thought.

Blueshirts me bollocks.

It is an outside and hopeful possibility that Fianna Fail may choose this moment to collapse the minority government and force an election, but in the face of all the scandals they have allowed to pass it is unlikely. This is a coalition government in all but name and Michael Martin’s crowd have no issue with Leo being up front, they understand he’s an amadan reading from a script just as Enda Kenny has been these past years.

Martin couldn’t give a squirt of piss who FG put on the stool, he’s laughing either way
This whole exercise is simply optics as I explained in a previous article, bread and circuses.

What is important is the tone that FG are now going to take will be even more Neo-Con than before (if that’s at all possible), expect an abortion referendum within the next twelve months along with an increase in ‘refugee’ intake.

Varadkar has already announced that the independent Ministers will keep their portfolios, meaning scumbag Zappone continues her reign of abetted invasion and corruption in the Children’s Ministry.

Expect extra helpings of Trudeau-esque fag and Muslim arse licking followed by uber-Europhile Merkel pandering. Let’s not forget also we have joined the growing list of nations led by childless eunuchs with no stake in the future.

Leo Varadkar is not a leader, he’s a declaration of intent.