Sheboon pens open letter to Irish men asking them to stop trying to ‘tick black women off their bucket list’

Isn’t it Bootiful!


A blogger in Ireland has written an open letter to Irish men demanding they stop “fetishising” her race.

I mean why wouldn’t Irish men lust after this wonderful specimen.

Filomena Kaguako from Drogheda, Co. Louth, joined dating site Plenty of Fish to meet someone new – but instead had to delete the app after a number of men commented on her race within five minutes of speaking to her.

If she doesn’t like being called nigger she shouldn’t be on dating apps for humans. Here’s a suggestion Filomena, join Plenty of Apes instead.

Why would you want these Irish women.

When you can have this LOL.

Funny thing is their own black men don’t want them because they’re ugly as fuck.

It’s wishful thinking on her part.

She’s the typical ungrateful mud who comes here after leaving the shithole that spawned her. Instead of being happy not to be avoiding rape every five minutes and drinking disease ridden water she has to bitch about how bad it is here.

  • Unfortunately the west is the most tolerant place on Earth, which may be our downfall. Nowhere else on earth could she spout such hatred for the natives & get away with it.

    Try this shit in China or Russia & you’ll see yourself dragged out into the street & beaten & rightfully so. It has been proven beyond doubt that white countries are by far the least racist on Earth. Would we be allowing mass invasion if we weren’t?

    But these parasites still can’t help complaining about ‘racism’ or ‘white privilige’, fucking makes my blood boil.