MILITANTS HEAD HOME Ireland’s terror cops on high alert as 30 hardened Irish jihadis to return home after fighting war in Syria

Khalid Kelly Should be hung up by the scrotum, but knowing these sick cunts he’d probably enjoy it.


GARDAI are secretly preparing for the return of Irish nationals who travelled to fight with Islamic militants, we can reveal.

Foreign fighters in Mosul, Iraq, and Raqqa in Syria are expected to flee in the coming months as US-backed local troops continue to pound Islamic State’s de facto capitals.

It’s unbelievable madness to let these foreign combatants who we know hate the west back into this country. Of course the left will cry about their human rights. Will they shed a tear for the Irish killed by these lunatics when they attack? We know the answer to that question.

Come on ‘home’ Achmed, sure it’ll be grand!