A Response to Our Critics

When I was reading through a thread on the Political Ireland blog in relation to a some issue an invader had with our style of rhetoric I noticed that others in the comment section seemed to be similarly perplexed at what we do here.

In order to try to explain and set the record straight I said that I would address these comments in turn.

This sort of thing is common enough in nationalist circles. The whole honeypot agent provocateur nonsense.

What evidence do you have to support that assertion? I’ll tell you, none, because it is not true.

Your argument is that deliberately offensive rhetoric is being used to tarnish nationalism.

Well let me ask when has moderate rhetoric ever worked?

Any sort of push against the established order is inherently an extreme act and requires the application of pressure even if that’s just rhetorical pressure.

“Instead of debating say a well written article hosted on the national party website, the migrant industry can point to obscene language in outlets such as this as the face of nationalism ‘which must be quashed'”

The pretension here is astounding.

Let me put it to you this way, do you see anybody in the migrant industry discussing any articles on the National Party website because I don’t.

I do however see you and Metro Éireann discussing our articles. So what does that tell you?

“Even the guys on /pol/ who might use similar memes and rhetoric in a sort of ironic way or for the sake of shock-vulgarity knows nobody behind it and also believe it is a psyop.”

Oh well if the guys on /pol/ say it then it must be true!

So in other words what you are saying is that we should view “the guys on /pol/” as authorities. These same guys who use similar memes but who by your assertion are not really fighting for any cause but are just doing it for the LOLs.

Is that what you are saying?

Why, if that is the case, should we be listening to people who are just shitposting for LOLs?

What possible stake or authority do they have then in fighting for their ethnicity if it is all a joke to them and they are not serious about it?

We are actually trying to bring an understanding of the current situation regarding the displacement of Europeans in their homes to the popular consciousness and you’re telling us that some kids on /pol/ who are just trying to stir shit with memes are some kind of authority to whom we should be listening.

I can see why you have an avatar with a gas mask Kershaw the smell of your bullshit is overwhelming.

Ok next one…

The fact that this has to be explained over and over and over and over again is so demoralising.

Extreme rhetoric is a device, a technique that is carefully deployed in order to grab attention. You can be extremely polite and moderate in your language and nobody will pay you any attention. And all your carefully articulated prose will be lost under a sea of noise. This is especially true in today’s Internet culture.

The liberal left have given us a veritable blueprint on how to dismantle an existing culture. They did it by using popular and extreme rhetoric. Are you actually saying that we should ignore a successful method in favour of a method that has clearly failed. The dour and staid nationalism of the 1990s pioneered by the likes of Stormfront has achieved little precisely because it took itself so seriously and nobody could have any fun.

You two seem to be going the failed route of the “killjoy” on this.

So go ahead continue to write your well articulated essays. Continue to pretentiously proselytise for the National Party. I sincerely hope that your sacred cow does have some success in politics because the amount of reverence that you show towards it is almost religious. Neither you nor any political party have the monopoly on nationalism in Ireland.

Finally someone who gets it. Well done BrightFuture, your name actually suits you.

“Yes, I’m well aware of that, and I have pushed the limits on this website actually further than they have in many ways.”

And yet there are no articles about you on Metro Éireann! How absolutely puzzling.

“But I don’t think there’s ever any reason to dehumanize people – even to make a point about being able to do it.”

But they dehumanise us every day Tadhg.

Every little girl in Rotherham was dehumanised by these people. Every time they come into our country and call us racist for wanting simply to exist as a people they dehumanise us.

You are affording them a courtesy that they never have and never will give us.

We actually don’t make a point of calling them “subhuman” either but we’re not going to censor ourselves on their behalf and we’re not going to stop having fun just because we’re suppossed to play by rules that they simply do not play by and will never play by.


“Even if they were all Nobel Prize winning scientists or Saints or Angels we would be against mass immigration, simply because, as Irish Patriots, we follow the dictum of Pearse – Ireland not only free but Gaelic, not only Gaelic but free. (And I don’t see a word of Gaelic on that site, so it really doesn’t say much for them).”

They are not Saints and Angels. They are the polar opposite so why don’t we just say that?

Why are you insisting on this egalitarian stance and faux fairness when you’re dealing with an enemy that wants you dead?

“Ireland not only free but Gaelic, not only Gaelic but free”.

So you follow the “dictum” of Pearse do you?

Funny I see you typing but I see Justin Barrett’s words coming out of your mouth just like a good parrot. It is like he shoved his hand up your ass and is using you to type his thoughts like a sock puppet.

I’m sorry to tell you this but if it wasn’t a far right nationalist party controlling your thoughts it would probably be the liberal left doing it.

You seem incredibly pliant in your willingness to take instruction. You seem almost religious in your devotion to it.

“(And I don’t see a word of Gaelic on that site, so it really doesn’t say much for them)”

We are not Teilifís na Gaeilge and since when is speaking Irish a prerequisite to being allowed to advocate for surviving as a people?

What’s with all the childish and emotional pretentiousness? How much Irish do you speak?

“Agree and amplify is from GAME. Thats likely what they are doing.”

Clearly an intelligent person here who actually gets what’s going on.

“whats happening here is they are creating a false enemy (who is in fact LARPING)

Which gives you the chance to present yourself as the sane voice.”

This is part of it certainly. The left has always done this whenever they want to push an agenda through, they present a more extreme version so that the general public will then concede to a less extreme version of exactly the same premise. They then wait until it’s normalised and then they return and push things a little bit further. All the while the right is trying to remedy this with moderate speech and in the process they become the long trailing shadow of the liberal left.

Positions that are considered right-leaning today would have actually been considered quite liberal 50 years ago. This is what we’re trying to counterbalance and it’s not going to happen by writing pretentious and self aggrandising thought experiments that nobody will read.

We need to attack these people and their ideologies directly and I mean attack in the metaphorical sense with our own ideas not in the physical sense in case there are any autists out there who deliberately try to misunderstand me.

In the ‘art of the deal’, Trumps book and in negotiation in general you start at an extreme position, when what you are hoping for is actually something far less.



“They have a picture of a crocodile about to eat a black baby.”

“That isn’t extending the space for debate. In fact it’s closing it down as less and less people will be willing to speak up in case they will be associated with that.”

Again you are missing the point. Nobody has to be associated with it. We are not a political party. We are simply presenting the whole issue of the hypocrisy, intolerance and evilness of political correctness and diversity in a fun, scornful and mocking way.

This is exactly 6 million times better then presenting it in a overly serious pseudo-intellectual and pretentious way.

People like to have fun, not everyone has a stick up their arse.

Yeah, yeah, yeah we got it “Ireland not only free but Gaelic, not only Gaelic but free”. I eagerly await the next bon mot’s from our illustrious and erudite friends.


The 1916 Rising is certainly to be celebrated but nobody is actually living that kind of romanticism any more except you people it would seem.

Do realise that 1916 was a long time ago and what we’re dealing with today is an Internet culture of people being bombarded with constant information?

And Internet culture is basically nihilistic, vulgar and Yankee style race baiting at its core.

If you want to invoke the romanticism of the past and l.a.r.p. as Lady Lavery then don’t let me stop you but just please keep in mind that while you’re doing that the average person is looking at Kim Kardashian on Instagram and couldn’t care less about your romantic sensibilities. We need other methods to reach them.


So hopefully this clears it up for everybody. What we are trying to do is reach the average person who is bombarded daily with cultural noise. We are trying to push against what is relentless propaganda from the liberal left by not making the same mistakes that nationalism has made in the past decades by being self censoring, dour and moderate.

We are trying to be fun rather than morose and staid.

If some precious people enarmoured with certain nascent political parties feel like they have a monopoly on nationalism and have self selected as the tone police then I would humbly suggest that they get over themselves.

These minorities are fighting dirty, they have no rules and neither should we.



Duly noted Myles, glad you appreciated the humor. As admin of this particular psy-op you will be exempted any further “monitoring” by us. LOL


  • Imperium

    Very well said, fuck the begrudgers I say. Have these people never heard of the Overton window? And if they’re going to get their knickers in a twist because of a few bad words what use will they be when the SHTF?

  • So some Dindu doesn’t like the bad words hahaha. Fuck him & the boat he sailed in on. I recommend he sail back to wherever he came from on that boat.

    And some Irish cucks need their safe space from crocodiles & the N word, pathetic.

    Still, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.


  • Wesley Keeley

    we don’t need another identity Ireland we need a strong leader justin Barret is the man for the job but I still am little bit curious on his views on are internal enemy the Jew I say that load and clear

    • Justin Barret is fully aware of the Jew problem. It’s not wise for the leader of a political party to openly admit that.