Chinedu Onyejelem and the Ides of March

Okay so it appears some invader who for some reason thinks that he can use the legal system in this country to further his own aims of self-enrichment at the expense of an entire people may have penned a little piece on us in his diversity propaganda rag Metro Éireann.

“Focuses on issues affecting Ireland’s immigrants”. What a coincidence so do we!

Well I for one am touched.

This hard copy article was spotted and picked up on the Political Irish blog. I’m just gonna reproduce the thread text here but I heartily recommend you have a read. I also must note that I myself have not seen the latest issue of Metro Éireann as I’m not out of toilet paper yet so I am merely going off what I’ve read from this comment and can neither confirm nor deny the veracity of it.

That said read on…

Political Irish


Chinedu Onyejelem, editor of Metro Éireann.

I see that an African gentleman by the name of Chinedu Onyejelem has been given the front page of free state régime funded invader mag, Metro Éireann, to tell those who pay for this mass immigration pushing tabloid, i.e. the Irish taxpayer, about how he has reported Beyond the Pale – The Most Concerned Citizens in Ireland to the Gardaí for “race hate” and “inciting hatred against immigrants.”

The article is not up yet online but is found in the hard copy edition for 1-14 June. It seems Mr. Onyejelem was offended by articles which referred to immigrants as “invaders,” and which rejected the benefits of “diversity.”

In something of an own goal, Mr. Onyejelem then goes on to quote an article at some length. He claims the article said:

“Anyone with half a brain can see what bullshit this is. Our own experiences on this island are testament to this colossal lie. We had Christians killing each other who were the same race and have very similar cultures. Only an idiot would think putting very different cultures and religions together will create paradise.”

“Spending billions on integration has not worked out for other European countries.”

Yes indeed, very dangerous thoughts. And now, thanks to Chinedu Onyejelem and Metro Éireann, many more Irish people will read them than would have read them on Beyond the Pale – The Most Concerned Citizens in Ireland

Sometimes I find it helpful to clearly delineate the situation in bullet point format. It helps cut past the noise and fog and distill an issue down to its simplest critical points.

Let’s give that a go.

  • Chinedu runs a pro-immigration rag that celebrates the displacement of Irish people and the ascension of his own people as part of the growing “minority” demographic.
  • He actively seeks to censor people who speak out against problems associated with diversity and who quite rightfully question changes in their community that have been thrust upon them without so much as a vote on their part.
  • He proceeds to call the police simply because somebody said mean words about him as an immigrant on the internet. Note that that’s all it was. There was never any calls for violence and we have a strict policy of disavowal of violence on the site so it can’t be that either.

So this man has literally called the police on a group of people for voicing their opinions on the internet. As for the charge of inciting hatred against immigrants. Well nobody is doing that either. We are merely asserting a right to exist as a nation and not to be overrun by people who shouldn’t be here.

The more foreign nationals in Ireland the more Chinedu’s person power and stake in the country as a “minority” rises.

Chinedu Onyejelem: The Government has utterly failed to tackle rising tide of racism here

If it is such a racist country then why stay here? Surely there is no racism back in Nigeria.

You Chinedu are the aggressor, you are guilty of the hatred, you are attempting to level violence against native citizens of this country using the State as your cudgel in order to further your own profiteering ends.

You are the invader.

Now Chinedu if you don’t like what I said you can quite simply GTFO of my country.

Oh and thanks for driving traffic to this site…