Loss Of Our Bloodlines 

By Uí Néill.

We will reach the point in the future when our bloodlines will disappear. The birthrate of third world peoples is much higher than that of western Europeans. It’s only inevitable that we will become first a minority and then be wiped out and replaced if the current plan of western governments continue. The government want us gone. They want our country to turn brown.

We have an extraordinary history going back thousands of years. Our ancestors have performed heroic deeds. These will be forgotten in the future. They will be deemed meaningless by the new Irish who will inhabit this island. The royal bloodlines of our ancestors will cease to exist. It will be replaced by third world lines that have achieved nothing but have just managed to get a free taxi ride to Europe and managed to procreate. A lot of these free taxis were given by our very own naval service. These are heinous acts and can only be described as treason. Our ancestors fought and died for their country. Today our soldiers fight for the enemy.

If these traitorous acts by our governments continue to happen we will be but a footnote in history. Our monuments will be torn down. In its place will be mosques. The new Irish won’t be gazing up at a Celtic cross, no,… they will be on their knees head down prostrated facing Mecca.

The Irish people must stop this invasion from Asia and Africa. If we wish to preserve our ethnicity and heritage we will have to fight for it. If we bend down and take it, we will be destroyed. And rightly so. This is our punishment. We deserve this. Government policy and general do-goodery has brought us to this point. It feels like there is little hope. But there is. We were naive when we allowed these people to settle here. What we do next will determine our future. We must fight for our very existence.

Only the Irish people should determine what happens to us. Not outsiders, but us.

  • kenpachi

    i want to get some older people to read this but i cant even look at them anymore. hearing them call it a conspiracy might finally put me over the edge

    • The word conspiracy is now used the same way other words like racist or homophobe are. They’re designed to shut you down, to stop truth.

  • Ireland 2100 looking like Somalia, what a fucking nightmare. We can only hope enough Irish men wake up in time to take this country back.

  • Space Turtle

    And what’s this I hear about Ireland electing a half-Indian faggot? smdh