A New Day a New Terror Attack

Yet another “terror” attack. It is like clockwork. Having diversity in your country means you will get stabbed on a bridge.


The Telegraph

London Bridge attack latest: Theresa May says ‘enough is enough’ after seven are killed

(Because apparently over twenty people including little 8 year old girls at an Arianna Grande concert wasn’t enough? -BtP Ed)

Theresa May has warned that Britain is in the grip of a spate of copycat terror attacks in the wake of the London Bridge atrocity.

The Prime Minister delivered a stark assessment of the threat facing the UK after seven people were murdered and dozens more injured by three terrorists on Saturday night.

It was the third terrorist outrage to hit the country this year following the Westminster and Manchester attacks.

Timeline | How events in London unfolded

  • 10.07pm Ambulance services were called to reports of a vehicle ploughing through pedestrians on London Bridge, arriving within six minutes.
  • 10.08pm Police are called to the scene. Officers then attended a second incident at nearby Borough Market after reports of stabbings.
  • 10.16pm Within eight minutes, three male suspects were shot dead in Borough Market by police marksman. The men were wearing what looked like explosive vests but these were later found to be hoaxes.
  • 12.25am on Sunday Both incidents were declared by the Metropolitan Police as terror attacks.
  • 4am Police confirm six people were killed in the rampage.
  • 9.30am Seven people have died, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick confirms

Other key information

  • At least 48 patients were taken to five hospitals, London Ambulance Service said, with more than 80 medics having been sent to the scene
  • A third incident at Vauxhall was a stabbing and unrelated, Scotland Yard said.

Let’s be clear on this. This is only happening because of “diversity”.

How many times are we going to let them trot out the same excuses.

For example: “It’s not all Muslims”

What is this obsession of our governments with having Muslim in our countries?

It doesn’t have to be all of them. Even if just a few percent of them are running a jihad in your country you are going to be suffering terror attacks regularly and when they say not all Muslims they are saying that not all Muslims commit the attacks (obviously) but how many in their community support them? Look at Rotherham, the whole Muslim community knew about it but said nothing and did nothing.

Another argument particularly from people like “Sargon of Akkad” is the “White people do it too argument”

We hear this particularly with respect to the rape problem. These people insidiously disregard the issue of frequency of occurrence and the racially targeted nature of immigrant crime. These “minorities” are at it constantly and they only target Europeans.

Also we do indeed have to put up with our own people’s relatively infrequent crimes but why does that automatically mean that we have to put up with ANY Muslim crime.

Is having kebab in you country worth being attacked almost daily?

We are a little behind the curve when it comes to the U.K. in terms of diversity but we are catching up. If you see a politician in this country or any other shill agitating for more displacement of Irish people you can see now what they are truly agitating for. The English are now a minority in their own capital city. This is a serious threat and the Irish Government are pursuing the “diversity” agenda relentlessly. Do you want to be a hunted minority in your own country too?