Toxic Nationalism

If anyone is familiar with British nationalism they will almost certainly judge it with silence.

I for one am reticent to even discuss it out of respect for the true nationalists in England who fight every day for their country against the horrors of multiculturalism and political correctness, such as the mass rape of English girls in Rotherham. Horrors that are now forced upon them by a political system turned monstrously traitorous over there.

I mention it here though because it serves as a cautionary tale. British nationalism starting with the BNP but certainly not finishing with it was laid low primarily by the British media but also by internecine politics and infighting.

We here in Ireland in many ways are the long trailing shadow of the U.K. We are now being targeted in the same way that the UK was in the late 60s and early 70s and we are falling into exactly the same traps and making the same mistakes that they did.

There was a nascent political entity here called the Celtic Party that attempted to voice an opinion on “diversity”. Ostensibly there were what looked like problems with respect to direction and tone in their camp but certainly it appeared that they had the right spirit and that was one of commitment to a cause bigger than themselves.

I am not going to comment on what happened internally in the Celtic Party because simply I don’t know but I can say that other people who allege themselves to be nationalists had no problem insulting the efforts made by the Celtic Party.

These people are still active in the community and they know who they are. I’m happy to say I have no association with them save having to endure reading their ego-maniacal and childish comments on forums. They are a toxic clique and have been noted by many in the community such. Currently this particular group has attached itself to separate political initiative. The initiative itself is fine and good but honestly I can only equate these individuals to a clutch of cancerous cells.

Hopefully the powers that be in that party will have the sense to excise them but there is one tumor in particular who is close to the vital organs so I wish them the best of luck with that.

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I am going to make a simple point so simple that even they can understand.

If you are a Nationalist and engage in infighting you may as well change your name to Mohammed and rape a few girls.

If you don’t want Ireland to become like another U.K. complete with its very own Rotherhams and Manchesters you will all start acting in concert and cut the destructive and stupid attacks to the right.

Little girls are going to get raped in Ireland a la Rotherham because of smirking 17 year old faggots who have nothing better to do

You will stop the childish internecine bickering, put your community ahead of your own egos and stop doing the job of liberals and their invading hordes for them.

In short you will grow up.

I would be extremely happy to see a complete cessation of infighting and petty selfish politics on the right here so that we don’t go the way of British nationalism but knowing the people involved I won’t hold my breath.


  • Imperium

    Anyone on the right that publicly punches to the right is unbelievably stupid. Don’t they understand they’re doing the enemies work for them?

    Ok we aren’t all going to get along. Personalities will clash but bite your fucking tongue. Poisoning new members with that shite is cancerous. It sows nothing but distrust.

    We’ve got much bigger problems so I say to anyone attacking their own, STFU & get on with the business in hand.

  • Wesley Keeley

    what we need is common sense in a society that lost it’s virtue and understanding the traitors in government that lead us on the path to destruction have to pay a heavy price if anybody with a head gets into government here in Ireland we don’t need left or right politics we need common sense it’s natural and healthy to love your own people and for a certain people have rights to be concerned about the mass immigrates that are now living here in Ireland or anywhere in the world it’s only whites that are being subjected to mass immigrations china are ethnically Chinese japan will stay Japanese etc. my own position I am neither left nor right wing I consider myself neutral and examine and research before I question things

  • kenpachi

    we are angry and want to fight. we get away with fighting each other so we do. somehow we need to establish objectives we can work towards and i dont think winning elections is going to cut it. we should see if trump will do anything for us by winter but if things arent different it may be time to just fight

    • We’re not winning this at the ballot box. (((Democracy))) is all a scam & the zombies fall for it every time.

  • I’ve experienced this nonsense first hand. It’s childish but above all counterproductive. Personally I think after the CP folding everyone should get behind the NP. They’re the only show in town & would be a good way to network with likeminded people.

    Unfortunately i’ve had trouble with a few young & stupid NP members attacking me online which is why I shan’t be joining. This is no reflection on the party however. I know good NP members & believe the leadership is solid. I wish them all the best.