Invader calls for Irish education system to forget it’s Irish

An article in the Independent today made a call to modify our national education curriculum as it is apparently too focused upon ‘White Irish’.

In what has become a familiar diatribe in other white nations-and especially Anglospheric ones, an invader by the name of Victoria Showunmi (A doctor supposedly) makes a series of points about why we should modify what Irish children learn about their own history.

Never underestimate how cheeky these jigaboos can be

The message includes;

The teaching of history and other subjects in Ireland must develop to reflect the cultures and experiences of new immigrant communities

…the curricula in schools and third-level colleges had to keep pace with the changing face of Ireland, and include perspectives that are not white Irish…

She spoke about the subtle difference between assimilation – adopting the ways of another culture – and integration, which is defined as incorporating individuals from different groups into society as equals

“The onus is typically placed on the person coming into the country to assimilate, but many migrants feel that they lose part of their identity through this process,”

“An increasing proportion of young people are unable to see how what is being taught in schools and universities had any bearing on their experience or personal background. “Integrating different viewpoints into the classroom is an important step to prevent this alienating experience that sours many young people on education.”

You can read the full article here

The comments section is refreshingly populated with people who aren’t having it, which is positive all things considered, but you can be sure this subversive will get her way.

She has somehow made her way into a Senior Lecturer’s position in Maynooth Uni, a real head scratcher when you consider how blindingly stupid she seems to be. A series of tweets she has made give the impression she has trouble with basic literacy.

Of course her individual capability doesn’t matter, what does matter is her influence.

Considering this one case of verbal diarrhoea has been entertained by none other than the Independent and judging the process that has gone on elsewhere you can expect this kind of identity erosion at the educational level to be enacted soon and with vigour.

This invader in particular enjoys prominent positions in both Maynooth and UC London, where she has been involved in the removal of native subject matter already. She has been enabled and weaponised against not simply the Irish people, but against our children, the very future of our people.

It is a despicable and underhand move made with typically negroid arrogance, barely a year on from our celebration of 1916 this cretin advocates for the removal of our history and identity from the education system.

Expect these changes to come soon if we do not oppose them, our handlers in the Dail certainly won’t make a peep in our defence.

This is a plantation pure and simple, the next step is to stop teaching our children about the last time it happened.

  • Wesley Keeley

    she’s the equivalent of the messiah too the liberal left they listen she instructs that’s how are country is today unfortunately

  • Sandy

    Give an inch, give a mile. Better the Irish expel blacks and browns, than give over one page of their history.

  • Randal Gossip

    I went to an Africa day meeting . A nigerian woman came on stage and said ‘we are here and you cannot change that accept it ‘ .

    • These black women are so loud & obnoxious. She might think she’s here to stay. We’ll see about that.