Never a dull moment

Well it’s been a hell of a few days

With the Fine Gael leadership battle ending in a big gay victory for Varadkar and Ramadan rocketing into a record breaking kill count world wide, the last several days have felt like a month.

So let’s just go through some of the highlights;

  • Varadkar has won by a vast minority to take the Fine Gael leadership
  • Fianna Fail seem quite happy with this and will not be toppling their coalition partners over it
  • Several arrests of Islamic extremists have taken place across the country in the wake of one of the London attackers being a resident here in the past
  • The recent attacks in Britain and subsequent arrests here have led to Irish cities fielding armed response unit patrols, such is the apprehension that we are under threat ourselves
  • Not all Muslims…
  • This has also been followed by an increase in manpower and funding to our Armed Support Units in quick time
  • A new intelligence service is being mooted to compound the tension-the only thing we’re missing at this point is an attack!
  • An Ahmadiyya mosque was attacked during the week by Sunni teenagers, although without a shred of evidence Ireland’s media decided it was actual Nazis who did it
I could go on, what a week

Without firing a shot the Islamists have managed to get the ball rolling on a more effective and repressive police state here and our supposed public representatives are only desperate to add to our problems.

I will bet real money that this dyke is a kike
Enter Catherine Zappone

The arch subversive busily employing her portfolio as children’s Minister to totally undermine the well being of our children. While her astounding efforts to bring bearded toddlers from the warzone in Calais here at no spared expense have already been documented, she now seeks to out do herself.

In her first meeting with the soon-to-be Taoiseach Varadkar her emphasis has been upon bringing in abortion (because that’s good for kids…..) and securing the release of Ibrahim “True blue Dublin goat-fucker” Halawa.

The woman must be the most blindingly unfit Children’s Minister in the history of Children’s Ministers. A foreign, sexually disabled and childless proponent of infanticide and Islamic propagation, hell bent upon the ethnic replacement of the children she is tasked with working to protect.

Foreign, dysfunctional subversives and we’re letting them run the place

It should be noted that as a Canadian she is uniquely unfit to look out for the best interests of any child.

Finally I want to point out the rapid increase in the media’s push towards making us the evil white oppressors here over the growing innocent minorities, who we are oppressing somehow by supporting and housing the fuckers in our own fucking homeland during a society-wide fucking crisis.

This is summed up very well in one tweet sent by @Parochial_memes

I doubt that any comment is required really, but I’ll lay it out quickly anyway because OCD.

We have a pedigree as an oppressed nation that is hard to match, we are not even a hundred years into our hard won and questionably labelled ‘freedom’ which is now gone as the EU makes our laws along with of course the (((banks))).

We have a homeless crisis and yet we house invaders first.

We have over 40% of EU debt saddled on us and yet we cover the invaders costs to the last penny.

We are now to live in a police state because of the dangers the invaders have brought.

Our society is literally crumbling under the pressure not just of EU membership but of the invaders who not only are wanking our national well being but breeding us away for the pleasure.

Something is about to give ladies and gentlemen.