Ireland to roll out EU online hate speech plans

Remember when you used to be able to say things, write things, read things and think thoughts without them resulting in mass murder and jihad.

I remember that time. It was a time when there were no Muslims in our countries.

Irish Examiner:

“Ireland will have to implement extensive EU plans to combat online videos that promote hate speech and terrorism. This is despite Ireland opposing the hardened proposals.

It comes as British Prime Minister Theresa May accused internet giants of allowing terrorist ideologies “safe space to breed” and called for new international agreements to regulate the area.

The draft directive, adopted by the European Commission, still has to be agreed by the European Parliament before it becomes law.

Under the directive, online video services, such as Google (which owns YouTube), Facebook and Twitter will be legally obliged to take action against videos inciting violence and hate speech as well as content harmful to children.

Google, Facebook and Twitter all have their European headquarters in Ireland.

The European Commission agreed far more extensive measures the day after the Manchester suicide bombing on 22 May in which 22 people, including children, were killed.

In a statement at the weekend to the Irish Examiner, the Department of Communications said the new proposals were adopted despite the opposition of eight member states, including Ireland.”

So in other words in order to combat potential terrorism from people for whom the government and the E.U. have rolled out the red carpet and invited wholesale into our countries that very same “government” is going to enact Draconian measures to curtail your freedom of speech on the Internet. Seems legit.


“Despite our opposition, the general approach was declared adopted,” the statement said.

It said detailed consideration on implementing the directive at a national level will take place once a final text is agreed and said the commission hoped the process would be completed by “end of this year”.

Meanwhile, Imam Ibrahim Noonan of Ahmadiyya Muslims of Ireland said Ms May’s pledges to combat extremism should be copied here.

He said: “My advice to the British government and Irish government is to take a good look at the background of all the Imams and see who are linked to, who is funding their mosques, which countries do they come from and visit, who are the Sheikhs they are linked to within their countries and what are their views.

“If they find that are linked with extremist organisations throw them out of the UK and Ireland.”

Wow all this work just so we can have Muslims in our country.

I guess it’s really worth having them here.

I mean we wouldn’t have to do any of this kind of work and also not have to worry about getting blown up or stabbed on the way to work if we didn’t have Muslims here but then we wouldn’t have kebab restaurants, halal food, rape gangs, Ibrahim Halawa or the joyful diversity that Muslims bring to our welfare offices and the blessings of Allah in general.