The Deconstruction of Mark Malone

Liberals are tough to fathom. The average person can never quite seem to understand why liberals want what they want.

From the average person’s point of view a political agenda whereby you want your own country flooded with massive numbers of young able-bodied foreign men which you euphemistically refer to as “migrants” or worse still “refugees” is completely baffling.

The problem is that the average person is analysing the problem with a faulty premise.

They believe that liberals are like them and of course they are not.

Take for example Mark Malone.

But what about the people who die in Muslim attacks?
But what about the all too common Muslim gang rapists, you don’t tweet about those?
But won’t this just encourage economic migrants who pretend to be refugees to come here and take jobs from Irish people, tie up the asylum process, cost taxpayers millions and just keep appealing their rightfully rejected applications so they can stay and keep earning and popping out kids in this first world country?

If you were to try to assess Mark as though he was an average person you would quickly blow a fuse.

His self defeating behaviour is so incongruent with, so diametrically opposed to what could be considered rational and reasonable that your brain will actually shut down out of sheer frustration when you try to reconcile it with how somebody normal should behave.

There is an old adage that if something doesn’t make sense then you’re missing some critical information somewhere.

I believe that we can use this guiding principle to finally understand Mark Malone and indeed all liberals.

The information missing from our premise is that liberals generally speaking don’t have a stake in society.

For example the average cat lady doesn’t have a stake in society because she has no children so she’s not worried about a world where children will be beaten up in school by some violent and idiotic Muslim just because they don’t follow the precepts of some desert cult.

The average 1%’er globalist living in his gated community is completely pro-immigration because he’s not the one who has to live next to them when they arrive. He in fact benefits from the cheap labour that they provide for his company to exploit.

We can now reconcile why liberals like Mark Malone have no problem encouraging mass migration into Europe from young, sexually aggressive Muslim men who come from a culture that has a history of racially motivated rape against young girls in towns all across the UK. It is because they do not have a stake in the society that they live in.









  • Squidly ??

    Well said. How often do we hear that liberals are committing cultural suicide and don’t realize it? That’s is quite the opposite of what they are doing. They are murdering our culture from within and with purpose. And just like you said, if something doesn’t make sense, then you are missing some critical information somewhere along the way. What drives progressives is that they hate the culture they reside in because it has rejected them wholeheartedly. Our culture reminds them of how unwanted they feel. Their entire ideology is a pathology based on their own inferiority complex. The simple act of waking up in the morning reminds them of what they are not & never will be. And that last part is key. If you feel you can be accepted by your society/community, you will work within the community to achieve that status. If you believe you will never be accepted, you plot to tear the community down from within. You should write more on this topic. I feel few people understand the mindset.

  • Aidan Quinlan

    i have some info on mr. malone . contact me

    • soundmigration

      Aidan who ran with Anti Islam Ireland, Pegida Ireland, Soliders of Odin and got the boot from Sinn Fein in Kilkenny. Do tell us what you know. All ears so we are.

      • lizard eire

        Are you afraid to comment under your own name Mark? I was just telling people about your previous job working for Mr. Sorros , amongst other things .

        • lizard eire

          its Aidan by the way

        • KevinBarrington
          • lizard eire

            Mark admitted to being a former employee of Mr Sorros on his linkedin

          • KevinBarrington

            So what? And if you are going to obsess about what your puppet-masters tell you to obsess about you might try and get the spelling of your ill-fitting boogeyman correct. Or is that too much to expect from a fascist? Do you read the article about yr obsession devoid of foundation? Or is that too much to expect etc etc

          • lizard eire

            Awwww. Mark got a little friend to defend him . i suppose he had to . We know he cant defend himself . Everyone now knows he worked for Georgie . He must be proud to have worked for someone who said the best year of his life was when he was running around Hungary as a teenager confiscating property of fellow jews with the blessings of the NAZIs. Georgie also said that this was the best year of his life . Also , blackmailing jews in hiding so you wont squeal on them is not really one i would be associate with . Sorros , Soros who cares . You know who i am talking about

          • KevinBarrington

            Leaving the twisted facts aside, surely killing Jews is right up you blighted street.

          • lizard eire

            you tell me what he did so . He admitted all in an interview . Perhaps you know better than he . As for killing Jews , I doubt my ex jewish girlfriend in France would agree with you. Or her camp survivor grandfather for that matter !!!!

          • KevinBarrington

            The problem is he wasn’t a friend of your friends. It’s another one of your grotesque manipulations of tragedy. And under normal circumstances if this shit was true, he would no doubt get to sit at the head of the table of the Soldiers of Odin – spotty little maladjusted fucks living in their mammies basement dreaming dreams of lebensraum as devour tub after tub of Ben and Jerrys while they come in their mommy darned socks. You’re a sick little lizard. Now go crawl back under the rock from whence you came. You forked tongued fascist fuck.

          • lizard eire

            Wow. Name calling. I thought you would have left that behind in national school but I suppose some people are so used to getting their own way they can only name call and not present facts to make their case. I can see why you are sticking up for him. You both have the same lr vel of mentality and intelligence. If you have any facts to refute my claims please post here.

          • KevinBarrington

            Given that you are a perfect example of a Trumpian post-factual, the whole man/ball thesis collapses. I have dumped endless links on you amply highlighting the fact that you are an insidious lizard like scoundrel. And since fact, like tact, decency and all the clothes of civilisation are wasted on you neo-barbarians, one might as well enjoy himself and borrow a pair of your much loved jackboots to trample your foul serpent self into the dust bin of history where you and your fellow fascist filth belong. Sieg Heil as they say in lizard land.

          • lizard eire

            Tell me then what I stand for as you seem to know.

          • lizard eire
          • lizard eire

            Once you watch that link go do your own research and prove any of it wrong.

          • KevinBarrington

            Great unlike the people pulling your strings – Kochs and Mercer – he calls for great regulation of the financial markets.
            “Whatever his motivations no-one can accuse him of greed” – the same cannot be said of the ‘greed is good’ merchants who have the right wing dupes, the poor dumb teahadis out there blowing up their own prospects. Fighting against global warming. Fighting against environmental regulation. While the dumb teahadi returns scream their militant cries – as best their black lungs let them – at goddamn socialist big government.
            Soros brought water to the besieged people of Sarajevo.
            And Richard Holbroole says at one point he “gave more money to implement the peace agreement than the US government.
            And some little Irish lizard tries to make moral judgements about a child trying to stay alive during the holocaust.
            Ever been in a war zone lizard?
            Read up what the Koch brothers are doing to democracy.
   is just a teaparty movement that actually makes sense instead of having the poor out there fighting to benefit the billionaires. Anyhow once we get to FOX it just becomes such pathetic propaganda.
            “General Betray Us” – Poor Petraeus.
            And what did they do?
            Lie to us and dupe us.
            Wake up sucker.
            Yes they have a shadow government. Sure even your great hero Bannon tells us that if they get rid of Trump who he reckons won’t finish his term, we’ll get Pence.
            And what does President Pence mean according to Bannon?
            Yes you guessed it.
            It means the Koch Bros are in power.
            What they are telling you about Soros is really an attempt to deflect attention from the people who truly subverting democracy and are there lurking in the background where real power lurks.
            As Bannon says President Pence is President Koch.
            And these people don’t believe in regulation.
            Or climate change.
            They wanna fuck to globe to get richer and richer.
            And you’re worried about a philantropist.
            You poor little dupe.
            Stuck down sucker central.
            Being peddled lies.

            And then we get the perverted liar – Bill O Reilly.
            You want to listen to a rapist talk about probity.
            That’s fucking tragic.
            Listening to the rapist tell us how the neo-cons are warning that Soros groups are telling lies and gaining influence.
            This from the people who used fallacious WMD stories to walk the US into war with Iran – saying the troops would be welcome as liberators.
            Now the same scum are doing the same gig with Iran.

            The media protect.
            When was the last time you saw FOX expose the Koch Bros or Mercer


            Here’s the real threat to democracy

            Treasonous robber barons not engaged peace promoting philantropists


            Lizard – you’ve been had.
            Pumped full of lies.
            Taken for a ride.
            Screwed up the ass.
            And told to blame it all on immigrants/jews/soros/black helicopters.
            Your pupper masters are so full of contempt for your genuine well being, they are quite happy to play a joke like Trump.
            Throw in a sociopath
            Ha ha ha.
            Take away their health care.
            Send em to Iran.
            And guess what?
            The dupes will cheer on the whole parade.

            They fucked you so hard if you open your mouth, you’ll spot their dick.

            You poor poor abused child.

            Now back underneath your rock lizard.

          • lizard eire

            did you delete your rant . it seems to be gone . i asked you what do i stand for and you didnt answer . please tell me what i stand for . i cant believe you justified soros involvement with the ss as just someone trying to survive during war .

          • lizard eire

            I never said he was in the SS. I said he went around confiscating property (with someone who claimed to be his adoptive father) from Jews. He was also involved with blackmailing Jews in hiding and squealing on jews in hiding.

          • KevinBarrington

            “It’s a projection of right-wing billionaire behavior onto a prominent left-wing billionaire,” said Melley, who wrote “Empire of Conspiracy: The Culture of Paranoia in Postwar America.”

            It’s true Soros has not been quiet in his criticism of Republicans like Trump.

            Many European countries with right-leaning governments have also seen a strong anti-Soros push in recent years. The president of Soros’ native Hungary has passed laws that would try to close a progressive university the billionaire opened in Budapest and called Soros “an enemy of the euro” after the EU criticized the decision.

            “George is the enemy of choice of despots,” said Vachon.

          • KevinBarrington

            After all these years of far-right pundits calling for pitchforks and torches, an anti-Soros fire is now raging in conservative news and social media. Recently, virtually every time a Trump protest makes national news, there are hyper-partisan media headlines that show Soros’ connection to those efforts, spun in a way to make it look much more calculated and conspiratorial than it actually is.

            Yes, Soros has invested in many political organizations and leaders over the last several decades, and he’s more open about how he spends his money and what he believes than most superrich political donors. So it doesn’t take a gumshoe journalist to connect the dots between Soros’ dollars and progressive causes. But it does take a paranoiac imagination to turn those dots into a constellation that shows how one man is plotting to take over the world.


          • KevinBarrington

            George Soros has given over 12 billion dollars to philanthropy throughout his life, making him the world’s foremost philanthropists. He has dedicated his life to the advocacy for justice and equality, the freedom of expression and government accountability and transparency. The primary beneficiaries of Mr. Soros’ giving are the people who are persecuted and discriminated against purely for who they are. These have included racial minorities, sex workers, drug users and the LGBTI community and read full article.

          • KevinBarrington

            Once again, what particularly is your problem with Mr Malone supposedly working for Mr Soros – presuming of course we are talking the same person and not some other Mr Sorros.
            And, if what you say is true, I would imagine he said he worked for Soros on his Linkedin as opposed to ‘admitting’ he worked. One generally admits to a crime. And I fail to see how doing a day’s work for a philanthropist constitutes a crime. But perhaps you would enlighten me.

            George Soros is the nexus by which thousands of conservative and alt-right conspiracy theories spread out into the universe. Soros is himself is an unassuming individual if you don’t know his history, but his history would lead you to laugh at the strawman that right wing America has managed to erect. George Soros is one of the most giving philanthropists in the world as well as one of the most staunch advocates for social justice, equality, and democracy throughout the world. SO what led George Soros to becoming branded as enemy #1? Let’s see how George Soros has been involved in American politics since the early ’00s in order to get our answer to that question and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

            George Soros entered the 2000s as a billionaire hedge fund investor who helped to innovate the entire industry. Not content merely being someone who had earned money and given it back through his philanthropic outreach, Open Society Foundations, Soros decided to become politically active. As a child of the world, having fled Hungary during World War 2, Soros knows what it is like to have lived in many different places and through many different offenses. This gave Soros insight when deciding to get involved in politics, opposing George W. Bush’s re-election campaign due to his involvement in the Iraq War and learn more information click here .

            George W. Bush was conservative royalty at the time and when Soros decided to join with Al Gore in opposing him, well, the right wing of America’s political spectrum freaked out. Still, Soros would proudly stand up for his opposition of the Iraq War and he would become an indispensable donor to the progressive wing in Washington D.C. Soros would also work alongside John Kerry in his career in order to help and prop up the highly qualified politician and respected soldier. These two acts essentially cemented George Soros as an enemy to conservatives everywhere and learn more about George Soros.


        • soundmigration

          🦎 sack

  • soundmigration

    Im not a liberal. I fucking hate liberals.

  • lizard eire

    @KevinBarrington:disqus did you delete your rant . it seems to be gone . i asked you what do i stand for and you didnt answer . please tell me what i stand for . i cant believe you justified soros involvement with the ss as just someone trying to survive during war .

  • lizard eire

    @KevinBartington are you still here. Why did you delete your comment. Not to worry. I screenshotted the e mail I got. Now everyone can see iit

  • lizard eire