The Deconstruction of Mark Malone

Liberals are tough to fathom. The average person can never quite seem to understand why liberals want what they want.

From the average person’s point of view a political agenda whereby you want your own country flooded with massive numbers of young able-bodied foreign men which you euphemistically refer to as “migrants” or worse still “refugees” is completely baffling.

The problem is that the average person is analysing the problem with a faulty premise.

They believe that liberals are like them and of course they are not.

Take for example Mark Malone.

But what about the people who die in Muslim attacks?
But what about the all too common Muslim gang rapists, you don’t tweet about those?
But won’t this just encourage economic migrants who pretend to be refugees to come here and take jobs from Irish people, tie up the asylum process, cost taxpayers millions and just keep appealing their rightfully rejected applications so they can stay and keep earning and popping out kids in this first world country?

If you were to try to assess Mark as though he was an average person you would quickly blow a fuse.

His self defeating behaviour is so incongruent with, so diametrically opposed to what could be considered rational and reasonable that your brain will actually shut down out of sheer frustration when you try to reconcile it with how somebody normal should behave.

There is an old adage that if something doesn’t make sense then you’re missing some critical information somewhere.

I believe that we can use this guiding principle to finally understand Mark Malone and indeed all liberals.

The information missing from our premise is that liberals generally speaking don’t have a stake in society.

For example the average cat lady doesn’t have a stake in society because she has no children so she’s not worried about a world where children will be beaten up in school by some violent and idiotic Muslim just because they don’t follow the precepts of some desert cult.

The average 1%’er globalist living in his gated community is completely pro-immigration because he’s not the one who has to live next to them when they arrive. He in fact benefits from the cheap labour that they provide for his company to exploit.

We can now reconcile why liberals like Mark Malone have no problem encouraging mass migration into Europe from young, sexually aggressive Muslim men who come from a culture that has a history of racially motivated rape against young girls in towns all across the UK. It is because they do not have a stake in the society that they live in.









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  • Squidly 🇺🇸

    Well said. How often do we hear that liberals are committing cultural suicide and don’t realize it? That’s is quite the opposite of what they are doing. They are murdering our culture from within and with purpose. And just like you said, if something doesn’t make sense, then you are missing some critical information somewhere along the way. What drives progressives is that they hate the culture they reside in because it has rejected them wholeheartedly. Our culture reminds them of how unwanted they feel. Their entire ideology is a pathology based on their own inferiority complex. The simple act of waking up in the morning reminds them of what they are not & never will be. And that last part is key. If you feel you can be accepted by your society/community, you will work within the community to achieve that status. If you believe you will never be accepted, you plot to tear the community down from within. You should write more on this topic. I feel few people understand the mindset.

  • Aidan Quinlan

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