Leo and Eric go on a Gay Cruise

Back in 2014 news broke that Leo Varadkar the incumbent Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland had a fake Facebook profile under the name “Eric Howell”.

Setting up an account under a fake name is actually a breach of Facebook’s terms of service but given that our public servants barely follow the laws of this country we can’t very well expect them to comply with the terms of service on a social media account either can we.

The account is now deleted of course.

Under the guise of “Howell” he even went so far as to declare the sock puppet account a “politics-free zone”.

Politics free zone indeed.

From the Star:

“LEO Varadkar used a Facebook account under a made-up name to “check in” at locations around the world while on ministerial trips, it has emerged.

The alter ego account has also “checked in” at Lillie’s Bordello nightclub in Dublin at 2am on a Sunday morning last June and at Government buildings.”

There is something very fraudulent about all of this.
What wasn’t really discussed at the time though was why he needed a sock puppet account.

Leo Varadkar came out on January 2015, months before the marriage-equality referendum, in an interview on RTÉ Radio 1 with Miriam O’Callaghan and this was several months after the debacle with his fake social media account.


I think we can see what was going on here. This account was being used before he publicly outed himself as an anal fetishist who enjoys masturbating in other men’s rectums.

It is the considered opinion of Beyond the Pale that the sock puppet account was used exclusively to facilitate his obsession other men’s anuses.

In response to being publicly humiliated as a degenerate and an online charlatan Leo had one thing to say…

Yeah it is all a joke isn’t it Leo. Deception is par for the course for politicians in this country it would seem.