British elections bringing big changes

Some interesting results have come from this latest British election

As the Conservatives under May make their move for a minority government supported by our old chums the DUP, a few points come to mind.

Firstly the entire attitude of British negotiation over Brexit and how it will approach the partition border here will have done an about face. Rather than the previous amicable and neighbourly noises we’ve been hearing up till now, the DUP element will change everything here and we may find the prospect of a hard border far more realistic than when the EU were hinting at it.

Beyond simply how the border is managed, everything about the way things are approached up north has just gained a new tension. The DUP have in recent times along with other Unionist and Loyalist entities, begun to wan in influence as Sinn Fein have taken their massive gains south of the border and translated them to forward movement in Stormont, to such a degree that they have left behind their ‘minority’ position and held Stormont leaderless for the past few months.

The newfound position at the top table in Westminster will be used for all it’s worth by Arlene Foster to try and stymie the Shinners gains. Added to this the fact the EU is quite plainly intending to use Ireland as a stick to beat the cheeky Brits for leaving, we have got two sides quite happy to run ragged over us to get at each other.

Like the child in a bitter divorce, we’re set to get the real blowback from all this.

With the smaller and more middle of the road parties losing out as the two big entities soak up the votes, you can see how almost subconsciously the broader public are running to the extreme ends of the sphere as they sense the stakes are rising and the ‘business as usual’ we’ve had since the Good Friday Agreement is on the way out.

I reckon without this kind of boon of influence the Unionists may have gone more peacefully as the inevitable border poll and all it brings came about from Brexit. There is certainly plenty more to say and plenty more that can happen even before May restores her government and gets down to business.

A long running and important relationship here

Another mooted (though wildly unlikely) possibility is that Sinn Fein would end it’s Westminster abstentionism and tip the balance toward a Corbyn-led coalition in Whitehall. The Shinners have capitulated upon every value so far but this, so it wouldn’t be the greatest leap in some sense, but the optics of swearing fealty to the queen in order to do it would be a step too far even for our Gerry-at least for now.

Across the pond also you see a diminishing of of the peripheral parties as the general public seek safety in numbers, battle lines a re being drawn in the zeitgeist across the two islands and it will make for some viewing when the Dail is finally brought down for a General Election.

To me this all looks like the beginning of Balkanisation.

Those of us right-minded nationalists who know the Shinners for what they are need to start gaining ground and numbers, or many otherwise well intentioned Irish people will get sucked into the Marxian net as violence returns. The Sinn Fein position as the only Nationalist entity on the field needs to be eroded and undermined, a victory for them will be a catastrophe for the Irish nation.

Another outcome of this is how the DUP have become the perceived BASED party for many not grasping the full picture.


We are facing into a new round of conflict with our not-so-loyal northern cousins, in the face of the ongoing and accelerating plantation we are suffering and the coming race war in the UK, it could have come at a better time.

England has it’s own war coming

Even so, perhaps the greater tribulation will yield a greater result.

As an Irish Nationalist I am conscious of these things but also that many of a Unionist background are waking up to Ethno-Nationalism, the JQ and where that leaves them. The coming conflict will be heavily Balkanised because of such awakenings on both sides and even if people are drifting into the arms of old established groups, change comes regardless.

The opportunity for total Balkanisation on both these islands is growing rapidly.

All that considered, if war breaks out there can be no supporting the false border or siding against legitimate Nationalist positions such as controlling our own Island and achieving All-Ireland hegemony.

It cannot be over-stated how much of an enemy to true Nationalists Sinn Fein are, I have written before about this. Supplanting Sinn Fein while still working towards our goals and resisting the brown tsunami puts us in line for plenty of work to say the least.

Tá ár lá tagtha.