‘Fake news’ course for school children


A new, free educational resource to help teach primary schoolchildren about the media, advertising and fake news has been launched.

The Lamestream (((media))) is losing the information war and they’re not a happy bunch. More and more people are waking to the fact that what we are seeing on the Talmudvision is designed to keep people blinkered to reality.

“From a teacher’s perspective, we hope to meet the needs of our students, and develop their understanding of media. I feel it’s really important we give children the opportunity to understand what’s coming at them from the media and how they process that information,” said Gearóid McCauley, a teacher at St Senan’s Primary School, Enniscorthy.

In other words the authorities aren’t happy to let people decide for themselves what’s true. Instead they’ll target us when we are most vulnerable to indoctrination, when we are children.

CNN caught faking news after the recent London Islamic attack

This is the news the authorities wants you to keep believing without question. How dare you look to other sources which may contradict the official narrative.

  • Imperium

    My advice to any new parent of white children is not to put them through (((state))) education. You can homeschool in Ireland unlike many other countries, do it.