Gang warfare

It seems Irelands gangs aren’t slowing down

With the grim discovery of a torso and other remains in different parts of the Wicklow Mountains over the last days or so, the rumour mill is all pointing towards the Kinahan/Hutch gang feud claiming another scalp.

This incident seems something of an escalation as the victim was reportedly tortured brutally before being dismembered and seemingly left in three different and not so hidden locations. The brutality and telegraphed nature of this killing sends a couple of messages.

Firstly, the other side are in for a fight that doesn’t have any moral limit and things are going to get worse, not better. Secondly, these scumbags haven’t the least fear of the Judiciary, the Gardai or any other entity at large, they feel utterly unperturbed by any perceived repercussions.

Hutch and Kinahan, the latest in a long line of filthy gangsters our Justice system has no handle on
This is the point I want to write about today

The victim, if a member of one of these gangs, is probably more use to society dead anyway and will certainly not be the last. At this point the case may very well be not connected to gang warfare so I will move on.

What I would like to discuss is the problem of gangs and how it is being dealt with in Ireland.

We constantly speak among the right of how our society is threatened by multiculturalism, the death of tradition etc, but the first great catastrophe for society in modern Ireland was the rise of the drug trade and the massive boost it gave gangsters and all their peripherals.

Gangs that had previously been fairly small fry by international comparison, dealing in protection rackets, prostitution etc were over time lifted up to a position of power that eclipses for instance the IRA during the troubles. Massive financial power, along with the influence and muscle to operate almost unchallenged, frames these groups as existential threats to the people across the island.

Irish men and women in working class areas have been made into less then animals by drugs such as heroin, destroying any dignity and pride they could have had

With the rise of these gangs and the proliferation of the drugs they’re pushing, communities have been crippled, decimated even, across our cities. Many parts of Dublin aren’t worth living in and the influx of low bred third-world invaders and Muslims does little extra damage to places teaming with untermensch and misery.

Valiant efforts were made by communities affected by drugs and their pushers to counteract the rot, these communities were often broken up and supplanted to newer social housing where they had no more strength
How does our government deal with them?

Soft jail time, half arsed surveillance and next to no Garda presence in problem areas and estates that these animals claim. Reactionary legislation and initiatives that simply clean up after the mess rather than prevent it in the first place. All over Ireland our people are laid low and suffering as these filthy gangs and the poison they bring undermines the very foundation of our society.

What should be done?

Evaluating and categorising these groups properly and then dealing with them would be remarkably simple if there was the will. Each gang fulfils a certain criteria that makes their handling the realm of the Defence Forces, not the Garda Siochana.

They are first of all armed without permit and are operating as a group to kill Irish citizens within the state. They operate a black market that pays little or nothing into state coffers and drains billions from the public purse annually-and that’s without taking into account the cost they incur through damage and the need for policing.

They are, for all intents and purposes, private armies operating aggressively within the boundaries of our state and directly against our citizenry.

If our government gave a squirt of piss about the people of this country they would label organised criminal gangs as enemies of the state and declare war upon them, authorising the DF to use any and all methods to neutralise the threat. They would seize all assets for the public good and have our soldiers kill them outright as any Army should an invading force.

I imagine gangsters losing any smug feeling of invulnerability if the Ranger Wing were sent to deal with them.
This would have the effect immediately of removing the groups intimidating and killing innocent people.

It would destroy the drugs and human trafficking trades while also gaining the public coffers a one off windfall in the billions. It would send a message of intent to any future subversives of the nature of trouble they would be facing. It would drastically lower our prison population, saving us massive cost to the taxpayer.

Most of all it would make the ordinary citizen feel safe in their own land, free from intimidation by filthy low bred vermin and giving our communities a chance to heal over decades of erosion.

The effect would be revolutionary and it could all be done in short order.

The inevitable whinging from the left about human rights and all the other little reasons to protect scum at the expense of the good people of society would be easily silenced once a provision for dealing with those who enable these criminals is legislated for.

The punishment in this case I leave up to your own imagination but it would need to be fitting.

What I have just laid out seems utterly unbelievable and something we would never see happen and we may indeed never see such a reaction to criminality, but it would certainly do the job.

We live in a time where only extreme actions like these can fix the problem, it has become so massive in scope.

  • Wesley Keeley

    the Philippines is doing that right now i forget the fellas name