Shit just got real…

There was a time when the people of Glasgow-shocking as it may sound-only shat in toilets.
Even the headline reads like the Uni is being mean and unreasonable for targeting an innocent group

Our cousins in Glasgow have gotten a taste of uber-parody recently, as the University of Strathclyde was not only forced to issue as statement asking students not to shit in the showers and dustbins, but then had to apologise for the racist tone of their announcement!

This article in the Telegraph reads like a comedy sketch made real.

Students at the University of Strathclyde were warned over their inappropriate toilet habits, and told that that although

“different countries have different practices”, they should be aware that “here in the UK the accepted practise is to use only the WC”

Not any more pal.

I truly never dreamt I would witness such levels of vibrancy where a first-world campus would have to deal with the third-world problem of street-shitting. Perhaps the lefty college agitators will rue their ‘Refugees welcome’ slogans now that they need doggy bags for their new pets.

The results for this years final exams were noticeably shit

The university later apologised for the email, saying that it “contained sentiments that are completely contrary to our institutional values.”

They said the email should never have been sent, and vowed to ensure that “all future communications are appropriate and are consistent with our ethos”.

The fact that the faculty then had to issue an apology for the supposed racism in their notice is the icing on the cake.

We have reached end game levels of PC erosion of common sense and decency. Criticising brown people for shitting in the showers is ‘ebil wyte patriarchy mayne!!!’


Strathclyde University’s Technology and Innovation Centre opened in 2015. Located in central Glasgow, the official website for the facility describes it as a home for “researchers, engineers and project managers from academia and industry, who will work side-by-side on projects spanning future cities, manufacturing, health and energy.”

This nasty racist poster was removed by staff for its indecent message of hate

Not any more lads, now it’s the University famous for shitey showers and staff too PC to address the problem if it comes from brown people.

  • Imperium

    How insane is this. I’ve seen reports from Jewmerica stating that it’s racist to correct niglets in school when they get something wrong. Our civilisation can’t survive innthe face of such stupidity.

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