What are the consequences for Mudsharking?

If you are like me then when you were growing up here in Ireland the only NEEEEEGRRROOOEEESSS you would have seen were the ones on the Trócaire charity boxes that they handed you in school charity drives to collect for the starving little nigs and their ruling warlords in Africa.

The earlier boxes had malnourished niglets covered in flies on them

It wasn’t like the UK where blacks were a “part” of society since they started importing them in the 1960’s.

Here in Ireland we grew up where images of starving Africans on our television was literally the only experience that we had with them.

This is what makes it all the more perplexing when you see an white Irish women like Emma Murphy not only engaging with them but actually popping out little níglets and courageously getting beaten up by the “baby daddy”.

You may remember Emma Murphy, now a single Mother with black kids on welfare. Nice mudshark sunglasses you got there Emma.
Your descendants will always be part of an illustrious club now Emma…
…this illustrious club

I could go into a big rhetorical discussion about the loss of 10,000 years of genetic evolution and the fact that these women are actively destroying the culture and DNA that created them, how they are cucking their own men and giving them the middle finger in the most despicable way possible but we’ve read it all before and to be honest it’s very black pilling.

What we will discuss instead are “active measures” via a vis the consequences for this kind of shit and what we can do about it.

There are effectively NO SOCIETAL CONSEQUENCES in modern Western Europe for a woman that doesn’t mind if her children are nigs.

If her children looking like the diseased and starving Africans that she saw wallowing in filth on T.V. as a child is not enough to put her off then what is?

Quite simply the answer is shame.

Empowered Womyn’s psychology 101

Women do not have a psychological mechanism for guilt and when it comes to sexual selection the only thing that they consider is the immediacy of resources available.

They ask questions such as “is everybody else doing this?”, “does he have money?”, “is he physically fit?”. Probably in that order.

70 I.Q absentee jungle crossfit baby daddy…check, affirmative action TV3 money… check, virtue signalling permissive society… check, welfare state…. check!

What they don’t consider though are more abstract questions such as…

“will this set a precedent that will ultimately corrode our society from the inside out?”


“Will ‘regression to the mean’ ensure that my half black children have IQs of about 85 compared to their 100 IQ white peers?”

As such some women will gleefully jump into bed with a gorilla even if that gorilla is prone to giving them black eyes, running out on them and leaving them as single mothers.

Not to mention that the adulteration of their lineage, if taken to its natural conclusion, will ultimately result in all of their descendants living in an Egyptian style Third World shit hole.

Egypt was once a White “Mediterranean” country. Now because of miscegenation it is a mixed “African” shithole.

Here is a list of things that on some subconscious level mudsharks consider as being either relevant or irrelevant…

  • Likely getting beaten up by the African baby daddy: irrelevant
  • Dumber than average nigger children: irrelevant
  • Destruction of the white identity: irrelevant
  • Having kids that look like the ones that were covered in hungry flies on television charity adverts when you were growing up: irrelevant
  • Being abandoned by the dindu father and becoming a single mother: irrelevant
  • Having to go on welfare to support your brood of dindus at the white man’s expense: irrelevant
  • Was the negro buck a good lay: relevant
  • Do my friends and by extension society approve: relevant

So you can see that for these empowered women there are absolutely no consequences to mudsharking in today’s society.

EXCEPT the ones that we manufacture for them!

Don’t underestimate your power in this regard. The only way an opponent can truly beat you is if you allow them.

As such it is within our power to dictate our terms within our own society.

As mentioned before women have a mechanism for shame but not for guilt.

A mudshark would never feel guilty about the societal destruction that she brings about with her disgusting bestiality, all those factors are irrelevant to her.

The only thing that’s relevant to her is the shame factor.

This is what you must exploit.

It is extremely important not to give even tacit permission to the sluts by remaining silent and acquiescent.

Make sure that they feel shame.

This doesn’t have to be anything more than a refusal to validate their disgusting behaviour and a refusal to engage with them on all levels of society.

Be creative and stubbornly refuse to treat them the same way as you would treat your own ethnicity.

Every other race does this so why shouldn’t we?

These vile women have ultimately given you the finger and cucked you out for some low IQ dindu.

It is up to you to show that there are real consequences for this; consequences which for a woman are the worst of all to handle i.e. becoming a shamed and ostracised social pariah.

Here is a video Emma the victim made after her dindu buck Francis Usanga gave her a solid beating…

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  • Mihaela Radu

    99.9% her parents are/were libtards and she didnt receive proper education, hence she intermixed with an ape…. Dont blame kids, they have no fault, its their parents who need their asses kicked.

    • Thanks for the comment Radu & welcome. Yeah you usually find these girls didn’t have a firm but fair father in their lives. It is sad but I’m afraid we can’t tolerate these people.

    • basementcat

      What exactly is their fault? Two people who wanted to have sex together? THAT’S their fault? What a moron.

  • When TSHTF, she’ll be the first to go.

    • Welcome to our website Cartier. Oh yes, shaved head then the walk of shame for all racemixers.

  • Is there a dye or chemical that would stain skin permanently, indelibly black? It would make a good “treatment” for mudsharks.

  • David Lynch

    Here’s a funny video I found relating this particular Mud-Shark

  • deusvult

    White Sharia Now!
    Burn the Coal pay the Toll!

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  • Paulo Henrique Vasconcelos


  • It wasn’t like the UK where blacks were a “part” of society since they started importing them in the 1960’s.

    For the sake of accuracy:

    The SS Empire Windrush holds a special place of infamy in the minds of British Nationalists. When the ship arrived at Tilbury docks from Jamaica in June 1948, carrying 417 Black immigrants, it represented more than just a turning point in the history of those ancient isles. In some respects it signalled the beginning of mass, organized non-White immigration into northwest Europe. […] For all intents and purposes, the Empire Windrush was passed into Jewish ownership by a Jewish Secretary for War, given the green light to boost profits and start bringing non-Whites to Britain by a Jewish Minister for Transport, and provided with armies of eager passengers by a Jewish-owned media. Despite these facts, a very different narrative emerged in the aftermath of the ship’s arrival. Pollard writes that “in the years since the arrival of the Empire Windrush … a myth has taken hold that the British government was responsible for bringing the passengers over as part of a concerted plan to help overcome a labour shortage. …But this is wrong. It is clear from the reaction of ministers that they were as surprised as the public when they first learned, via a telegram from the Acting Governor of Jamaica on May 11, what was about to happen.” The myth was a helpful one because it acknowledged the un-democratic nature of the event while deflecting blame away from the most obvious source of the scourge — the Jews of the shipping industry and the Ministry of Transport. Occidental Observer, 12 July 2015. The SS Empire Windrush: The Jewish Origins of Multicultural Britain.