Referendum incoming!

As I predicted in an earlier article , Varadkar has already signalled a referendum on the Eighth amendment is coming next year, not even a week into his tenure as Taoiseach

The scurrilous fuckers

The big brown bum bandit is exactly what he seems

-a neo-con meat-puppet only in place to give the right signals while smarter vermin run the show from behind closed doors. The only variable now to him enacting pretty much every Soros initiative you can imagine is if Fianna Fail pull the plug in order to do it themselves, expect the acceleration to become accelorationier….er.

The head on this lad


The Eighth amendment, for those who don’t know, outlines that a child in the womb is a person in their own right and therefore is entitled to their life and all the protections under the law a born child has, that is to say, killing a pre-born child would constitute murder. So when you see the plethora of lefty zombies and harridans with their multi-coloured hair and trendy ‘Repeal’ jumpers, baying for the Eighth to be removed, what they are demanding is for the de-humanisation of the child in the womb in order to make killing that child legal.

In fairness these two yokes have most likely chlamydia washed their wombs into barrenhood already
Quite the precedent when you think about it.

It is always interesting to me how these are the same groups utterly opposed to the death penalty, no matter the crime, on the off chance an innocent may be wrongfully executed and yet they will agitate and harangue until the cows come home for the right to gouge an infant from the womb.

It will be interesting to see what Simon ‘Nosferatu’ Harris cooks up legislation-wise to cover a repeal of the Eighth as simply removing the amendment does not legalise abortion fully, it only removes the greatest barrier to legalisation.

This yoke is only 30 years old folks, a born politician
Most people in Ireland would be opposed to abortion on demand

The main sentiment is being pushed on the back of the miniscule amount of instances where fatal foetal abnormality and incest/rape are a factor in the pregnancy.

As with all abortion legalisation though I’m sure it will be the thin end of the wedge, the left will not rest until women are routinely committing the greatest crime against their own nature possible. In the lead up to the vote if you are in conversation with normies just remember the main point of the Eighth is to declare a pre-born child as human and entitled to life and that abortion is actually performed here in Ireland in order to save mother’s lives, which is something the left will lie about and deny.

As Ireland hurtles into degenerate modernity at a speed unmatched by any other white nation the Eighth-not the gay marriage vote-is shaping up to be a defining point in the moral shift of the Irish people.


**I support abortion for non-whites.