Free gibs for the invaders! YAY!

University of Limerick has been designated a “University of Sanctuary” due to it’s efforts in abetting the invasion.


They are busily spending your taxes on educating third world window-lickers, some who are in Direct Provision and are therefore not even granted asylum as yet. The Uni is now awarding 17 scholarships to mature students in DP in an effort to help integrate the vermin.

Limerick DP centres have become notorious of late for the usual bad behaviour and radicalisation we have come to expect from the planters, so it will be interesting to see how the University gets on with this injection of vibrancy.

Let’s just hope they can teach Sanjeev and the lads how to use a toilet.

We have been committed to providing access to our University for people from all backgrounds and we are delighted to extend this to people currently living in Direct Provision through our announcement of 17 sanctuary scholarships.”

Why are you committed to offering education to invaders conning our asylum system? And at our expense??

We will use this award to be a regional leader in promoting a culture of welcome, and to provide a space for the celebration of the richness and diversity a multilingual and multicultural group brings to our community, both culturally and economically,”

These are the vacuous, self-fellating sentiments of Des Fitzgerald, President of UL and all round prize prick.

Known on the dogging circuit as ‘Dirty Des’ or ‘Yer man with the chickens’
We can only hope the vibrancy affects him personally.

This is another example of the education system being weaponised against the native population. They take your taxes and student fees and spend them on indoctrinating your kids into Marxian mental illness, while also forcing them to educate alongside Congolese baby rapists who are only here to game the system-and they manage to be smug about it!

Simba wants to be a gynaecologist.

The same poison that pervades the Colleges of the US and Britain is thoroughly embedding itself here and it is our youth in the firing line.

Watch this space as UL begins to go down the toilet in the near future.