Vogue did nothing wrong

Few things in life goad me quite as much as paycheck liberals.

The kind of vacuous pieces of garbage that get paid to spew politically acceptable opinions on behalf of the liberal milieu.

These commissars and modern-day church ladies are nothing but attack dogs for their (((globalist))) paymasters.

If you have the temerity to voice an opinion against the liberal consensus these mainstream media ideologues are always at the vanguard of the backlash.

In return for their loyalty they are afforded the opportunity to live far away from all of the inevitable fallout created from the highly destructive ideas that they push on society.

It would appear that Vogue is not one of these people as she recently called for the internment of Muslim extremists in CAMPS!!!! and yes there are of course other groups that she should have added to that list.

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Vogue “1488” Williams

Her critics in the mainstream media however are the usual hodgepodge of programmed liberal drones.

Independent: ‘Vogue Williams now adds Counterterrorism Expert to her CV’ – model and presenter faces backlash after calling for internment of Muslim extremists

Daily Edge: Vogue Williams wrote a column calling for the internment of Muslims, and people are baffled

Irish Times: Vogue Williams is not an idiot, she’s a sinister totalitarian

“A sinister totalitarian”.

Wew Lads!

Moshi, moshi, Vogue Chan desu!

The central irony of all this of course is that in vilifying Vogue for her very commonsense suggestion these people have actually insured that they themselves will be the ones living in internment camps.
If Muslims ever get any sort of demographic hold in Ireland we will have a situation just like the UK or Sweden with sharia no-go zones, cities where we are minorities and ones where we are the victims of daily racially motivated criminal attacks.

The only option, for those who can afford it i.e. the very same people who are pushing for this to happen, is to live in what are referred to as “gated communities”.

These are areas where generally a multitude of factors prevent “diversification” of the neighbourhood. Factors such as the affluent residents having a hold on the levers of political power or the house prices being generally too high in the area again due to affluent residents, et cetera.

And what is a gated community especially one that you can not step out of for fear of being blown up, attacked or raped by the denizens on the other side of the wall if not a sort of internment camp.

Albeit one with all the modern day luxuries and niceties that our globalist, post-capitalist world can offer. A nice gilded cage in which to hide away from the consequence of one’s actions.

Donald Clarke: Dripping with smugness and self-satisfaction

People like Donald Clarke, who penned one of the articles linked above, will never have to deal with the results of the social engineering that they force upon us.

Donald’s daughter, if he has one, won’t be the one set upon by Hassan and his pals.

And so liberals like Donald are very much against walls and boundaries because deep down they know they already have them and you don’t.

Vogue was completely correct in calling for Muslims terrorists to be thrown into internment camps.

Personally though I would like to throw people like Donald Clarke into those camps too.