A quick rant

Media darling, magic Negro and anti-white race agitator “Reverend” Jesse Jackson was in Derry the other day speaking at the Free Derry museum.

He paid tribute to the recently deceased Martin McGuinness, comparing him to the demi-god Nelson Mandela in a reportedly rousing speech to the mindless gathered. The significance of these correlations with Mandela and Martin Luther King are that of making the troubles a civil rights issue and not a nationalist war against occupation, which many young men who fought in the conflict would have believed.

Adams, McGuinness and others steered Sinn Fein and the IRA away from Nationalism and toward Marxist ideology during the troubles to the point where what we have now is nothing resembling the Sinn Fein of Griffith, an ethno-nationalist movement for the people of Ireland’s freedom and unity. Now what people perceive as nationalist Sinn Fein is anything but that, they are simply another gang of open-borders pushing lefty traitors.

McGuinness and Adams, along with their inner circle, are of the same poisoned crop that birthed Mandela. They are part of a long running agenda to subvert Irish identity and agency, in order to prime us for open borders and ethnic replacement. The end result for us will be the same as for the Boer if we do not shut them down first.

More and more now, the class struggle/anti Imperialist angle is pushed rather than ‘Ireland for the Irish’. This helps to weaponise a lot of would be nationalists here against their own people as they base their identity on what they are against rather than what they are for.

Instead of seeing the old enemy as Britain, they see the enemy as Imperialism, expansionism and the imposition of will upon those who are weaker. There is no vision of an Ireland strong and forceful in it’s own right that they strive toward, as building a powerful nation would make us as evil as the Brits. All decent sentiment has been subverted and now your average shinner is the enemy of true Nationalists, and even more active and dangerous enemy than antifa could ever be on these shores.

The mass murdering little pox is modernity’s golden calf
It goes to show also how these figures are anointed god-like status by the media.

Mandela began what is now reaching the final stages of a genocide against the Boers. MLK was a fiend who had a huge appetite for underage white prostitutes. Both of these men sit now in the pantheon of (((western))) godhood, immune to all criticism and worshiped by the masses without any sort of inquiry or analysis.

This dirty child chaser also enjoys immunity from all inquiry in our (((media)))

Jackson and the rest are all of this same generation of societal cancers, we can see the corrosion heating up now in the US and Ireland can expect things to get flowery in short order also.

The Troubles era when looked at from a red-pilled perspective is the time when Ireland’s sense of nationhood, young and not fully formed as it was, was systematically undermined and turned on itself.

In the south, as our people were ruined by church and state, the disconnect between us and our kin in the north was enforced utterly, while north of the border those taking part in a legitimate struggle against an invasive group were broken and re-formed into marxist subversives.

This has left our people divided, cynical of our own identity and worth. The concept of us running our own affairs is unthinkable, we have been made into a people who believe we should be ruled from afar regardless. The most dangerous thing to the globalists was our nationalist sentiment and new-found nationhood so they worked to beat it out of us, now the mass migration can happen a lot more easily without the kind of resistance you see in the Visegrad nations.

This shameless hob-nobbing you see between different corrosives like Jackson, Gerry Adams and so on is a good indicator to the closeness of their positions and goals.

South Africa has fallen and the Boer is being wiped out.

The US is finally hitting the disaster it was put on course toward with the end of segregation and immigration controls.

Irish people only make up 82% of the population in their own homeland and the enrichment is being fast-forwarded.

And all the while these fucking parasites pat each other on the back as their subversions bear fruit.

  • For as long as I can remember these republicans have been cosying up with all sorts of anti-white scum. They love flying the rat flag of Palestine & idolise Saint Mandela. Today’s Sinn Fein are about as pro-Irish as Winston Churchill was.