Youtube Refugee Propaganda


Have a look at this faux grassroots production.

It is the worse kind of saccharine sweet, mass produced social engineering propaganda.

We hear lines like “we must work together and we must play together” from a Sudanese invader.

Why? Nobody is asking this question. Why must we work together and play together? What’s in it for us?

I understand what’s in it for Africans. They get to live in a first world country which is a monumental step up from the hellholes that they created themselves.

So they’re getting a really good deal out of this but what’s in it for us?

We get a bunch of illiterate and uneducated people with low IQs who soiled their own nests and are now looking to escape at our expense.

The best of them are useless and the worst of them downright criminal and have proven themselves to be time and time again.

Whenever this point is raised we are told that we have to accept the savagery, idiocy and religious extremism because “hey not all of them are bad”.

Personally I’m sick of it. I have no more tolerance for it and I’m certainly not alone if the YouTube comments for this video are anything to go by.

Call this garbage out wherever you see it. Start by leaving a few comments and give a thumbs down on that video.

The “best” part of all this is that the Irish government is giving €2.2 million in funding to the International Rescue Committee.

Human rights, Funding, Minister Charles Flanagan, MoS Joe McHugh, Press Releases, Ireland, 2017


Ministers Flanagan and McHugh announce €2.2 million in funding to the
International Rescue Committee

– Part of a new Strategic Partnership on violence against women and girls in humanitarian emergencies

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Charlie Flanagan T.D. and Minister of State for the Diaspora and International Development, Joe McHugh T.D. today announced €2.2 million in funding over the next two years as part of a new Strategic Partnership between Ireland and the International Rescue Committee.


WHY?! Why are we borrowing money to give it to people who get BILLIONS already?

We are in massive debt! The Irish government is a cucked kakistocracy of the highest order.

We should also look at who is at the top of this organisation

Irish Times:

Ireland’s stance on refugees shows its values, says David Miliband

“Ireland must focus on the immigrant contribution to Irish society in order to avoid dehumanising those affected by the refugee crisis, former British foreign secretary David Miliband has said.

The debate around the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe and US president Donald Trump’s aggressive stance on immigration is leading to “humanitarian chaos” and dividing families across the globe, said Mr Miliband, who is president of the International Rescue Committee.”

David Millipede

Wow look at that. It’s a Jew that’s at the top of this organisation. It was even founded by a super Jew, Albert Einstein.

But I guess that’s just a total coincidence.

The same people who have their own ethnostate, Israel, with a massive wall around it, that refuse to accept refugees, put them in concentration camps and pump them full of injectable contraceptives when some of them do land there (yes they did that, you can Google it) are pushing refugees on Europe and as Jew Miliband demonstrates Ireland as well.

They tell us that we need to accept refugees?

If I didn’t know better I’d suspect that they were trying to kill us all by using these sub- humans as biological weapons against Europe.

Let’s follow the money and see who else is involved with this light of the world organisation…

Now you know whom to boycott
IRC partners. Oh look Open Society Foundation. George Soros, another jew, is never too far away from this kind of thing.

I mean I understand why Jews want to kill us but why is our own government giving money to people who want to come over here and displace us in our own country while telling us it’s the right thing to do.

We should all be asking the simple question…

What’s in it for us?