Operation; Remove Paddy

Many of you are probably already familiar with the problems an Irishman is having in Boston due to his recent arrest for immigration law violations.
John Cunningham is a felon, send him back.

Quite rightly, John Cunningham has been detained and will be deported for staying beyond his initial 90 day visa by over 15 years. Of course this is somehow being swung as an injustice that us Irish should all be opposed to, how dare the enforce their evil border controls against anybody! Let alone and Irishman! Trump is the devil etc etc.

Mr Cunningham should be given a good hiding and sent back to Donegal, where he should get another hiding from the locals for embarrassing us overseas. He is a criminal and should be treated as such.

It is another example of how the Irish are weaponised against other whites, firstly with the whole “Niggers of Europe” meme and then in these cases where our own illegals can somehow be used to scratch away at another nations border control.

Of course this will be milked for all it’s worth by the usual suspects

I read today in the Irish Times that a Democrat Congressman named Brendan Boyle, who’s father happened to emigrate from the same town in Donegal that Mr Cunningham is from, has decided to take his case to the US Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE). In what is obviously a selfish act of loyalty to one’s old tribe and not in the slightest a case of political opportunism, Mr Boyle will rally other Dems in support of the criminal and try to subvert the application of justice.

Brendan Boyle, a posterchild for euthenasia

To add to the debacle, it seems Cunningham has an outstanding felony charge for theft against him. The dickhead took payment for work he never did and made a runner some years back.

The article goes on with some verbal diarrhoea from Boyle;

There has been almost a 40 per cent increase in ICE arrests since Donald Trump took office. This has had a chilling effect on many who are simply trying to work hard and raise a family,”



They have to go back.

And the sooner our media and politicos stop wheedling on about getting an amnesty for Irish invaders in the US and start supporting lawful behaviour by our expats, the better.