Parasite in direct provision wins ‘life-changing’ scholarship


Donnah Vuma (31) is one of 17 people accepted on to the Place of Sanctuary scholarship programme at UL. The scholarship programme begins this September, and includes a course-fee waiver, and subsistence towards travel, printing, and IT requirements.

Some may balk at the use of the word parasite to describe this creature yet…

It fits perfectly don’t you think.

Ms Vuma, along with her three young children, fled Zimbabwe three years ago, where she had worked as a sales and marketing manager.

Fled what exactly? This isn’t explained ofcourse, as far as I’m aware there is no war in Zimbabwe. She was also employed so obviously wasn’t poverty stricken.

She came for one thing, for the gibs knowing full well the thick paddies would give it to her.

Just a final word to any lefty fuckheads who go to university reading this. Ask yourself why you have to pay yet someone can come into the country and get it for nothing. I don’t expect you to understand that being the slimeballs you are. All you see is her dark skin and immediately think VICTIM. Ironically you most probably learned that Marxist tripe in university.