Travellers, Roma and Assorted Scum are now Flying High

You probably saw that the Irish Government have allowed the travellers to win the Marxist victimhood lottery…

The Journal:

Traveller ethnicity: ‘We always knew we were people in our own right’

THE FIRST OF March 2017 was a historic day for the Irish Traveller community. Following a long campaign, the Irish government formally recognised Travellers as an ethnic group.

The announcement was described in the Dáil as a ”watershed moment” which could have a transformative effect on relations between Travellers and wider society.

So what does ethnicity mean and what does this recognition mean in practical terms?

Everyone has an ethnicity – the term relates to our culture and identity. Travellers as an ethnic group are a recognisable community of people born into a distinct culture with a language, way of life, shared beliefs and values, and a long shared history.

For the Traveller community, ethnic recognition is significant, marking a formal government statement of respect and validation for Traveller culture, identity and way of life, as a key part of Irish society.

“Travellers as an ethnic group are a recognisable community of people born into a distinct culture with a language, way of life, shared beliefs and values, and a long shared history.”

LANGUAGE! WTF. Pavee bastardised English is not a language!

Well just as you thought that the Irish Government couldn’t get any more retarded they have now revealed that they will be affording similar gibs privileges to the Roma in Ireland…


“The Government has launched a strategy which aims to bring improvements for Travellers and Roma people living in Ireland.

There are around 40,000 Travellers and 5,000 Roma people in Ireland, and last March Travellers were recognised by the State as a distinct ethnic group.

The strategy has 120 actions, and the Minister of State with responsibility for Equality, Immigration and Integration described it as “a living document” that will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Minister David Stanton said: “There will have to be further money involved, it can’t happen otherwise.”

Asked how much more money would be made available, he said “we’re not 100% sure, it’s not a huge amount … but each department is committed to making the monies available.” “

We pay and pay and pay for these useless parasites.

These wonderful people are so wonderful that you have to pay for them

I think this Tweet just about sums it up…

The Marxist victim lottery in case anyone isn’t familiar with it is based on the idea that the more of an oppressed victim you are the more society as a whole owes you.

All modern politically correct Marxist doctrine comes from the Frankfurt School and before that it existed in its original form of economic communism which was pioneered and championed in Russia by the world’s biggest victims, the Jews.

Essentially economic communism failed because the so-called proletariat and bourgeoisie ultimately saw themselves as part of the same ethnic group and as such the workers revolution that the Jews so desperately wanted in order to overthrow the ruling powers never really took off in the West because every worker still felt that on some level he wasn’t actually different to the person who was ruling over him because they were ultimately the same people, the same ethnicity.

Those clever Jews of the Frankfurt School recognised this problem and hit upon a solution. They would exploit the altruism of Western people by politically creating conditions of mass immigration into their countries coupled with an insistence, through media manipulation, that everybody is equal.

The result of this is a divided society where fully one half of the native people would desperately try to signal their virtue and support the so-called “immigrants” in exactly the same way as the Irish government is doing.

In parallel to this you now have a true proletariat, an alien minority, that has no loyalty to the host nation and who are only dying to extract more resources and overthrow the native population in order to get more for their own particular ethnic group. We see this happening all the time in the west and we see people like George Soros the Jew encouraging it.

As such I can understand the Roma wanting to exploit this particular game in order to get as much gibs as their grubby little parasitic hands can carry but what is really funny in this case is that the travellers have been officially awarded this Marxist victim status too.

Travellers are quite a criminal bunch. Actually no, I’m not going to temper or moderate my language because it’s like blood in the water for these people. The travellers are a bunch of thieving, dirty, disgusting, uneducated, underhanded, violent, idiotic, moronic, inbred fucks.

That said though they are still technically Irish.

By being allowed to claim their own separate “ethnicity” they can truly claim that they are now being victimised by the majority. Hell they might even get a few laws repealed so that they won’t even be punished for their typically criminal behaviour such as trespassing. From the Journal article

We expect substantial, progressive changes now, for example in repealing the Criminal Trespass legislation, in education and health, and in effective anti-discrimination measures.


The dream of Jewish communism has been realised for them.

Marxism has created this mess. The end result of the process is 1,000,001 victim groups all lining up for their pound of flesh from the one group that is never allowed victimhood status.

Hard-working White and in this case Irish people and yes that means you.