Stupid Immigrant Wench Tells Leo to Shut the Irish Up

So it appears that we are not allowed to speak the truth let alone defend ourselves without the street shitter being called in to police the plantation.

Irish Examiner:

Leo Varadkar pressured to condemn ‘racist’ remarks made by Fine Gael councillor

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has been urged to condemn “racist” comments made by a Fine Gael councillor.

Limerick councillor Stephen Keary, who is the father-in-law of junior minister Patrick O’Donovan, has defended comments in which he suggested welfare recipients from Eastern Europe see Ireland as “easy pickings”.

Mr Keary, who is due to be elected Limerick’s mayor as part of a voting pact his party holds with Fianna Fáil, said immigrants are the reason behind a substantial rise in numbers on social housing lists and hospital waiting lists in recent years.

“We are known as the home for the handouts. They see us as easy pickings,” said Mr Keary.

“People have come here from Eastern Europe for the handouts. It has become a huge problem.”

Labour councillor Elena Secas has called on Mr Varadkar to condemn the remarks by his party colleague, as she claimed they were unacceptable and an insult to all immigrant communities in Ireland.

Elena Secas… hmmmmm. I wonder about the etymology of that name. It certainly doesn’t appear to be native to the British Isles. Let’s consult the oracle on this one.

Exactly 6 million times better looking than Katherine Zappone but still


Acta Croatica

Yeah Croatian would have been my first guess. Secas has a similar ring to Bacic and other Croat names that I am passingly familiar with.

But apparently according to her bio she is from Moldova (HUGE DIFFERENCE THERE)

We can certainly see where her loyalties lie.

That’s a bit judgemental of her, calling herself a “married mother”. That’s really casting aspersions on the many wonderful single mothers out there isn’t it. She should be ashamed. I am calling for an apology on behalf of all the stupid unwanted welfare slut single Mothers in Ireland. Seriously though it is a sad indictment of society when the word “married” is viewed as a necessary antecedent to the word “mother”.


“I am asking Taoiseach Varadkar to urgently investigate this matter and take appropriate action in response,” said Ms Secas.

She said she believes Mr Keary is unfit to become mayor of Limerick because the person who holds this office should be “inclusive and representative” of the entire community.

“I strongly condemn these racist comments and believe that all immigrant communities in Limerick and across Ireland are owed an apology,” said Ms Secas.

A spokesman for Mr Varadkar said the Taoiseach had been briefed on the matter

Solidarity councillor Cian Prendiville has also called on Fianna Fáil to pull its support for the long-serving member.


Another champagne socialist has decided to jump on the bandwagon in order to further his own career. Beyond the Pale has a term for people like Cian, we call them Paycheck Marxists.

Cian Prendiville
Cian Prendiville: It doesn’t get much more Beta than this

Mr Prendiville accused the councillor of embarking on a “bargain basement Donald Trump-style rant”.

He accused Mr Keary of trying to “scapegoat immigrants”.

“It’s precisely the type of ‘dog whistle’ divide and rule politics that people like Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen have tried to use to whip up racism and division,” said Mr Prendiville.

“It seems Fine Gael’s most reactionary wing have been emboldened by the coronation of their leader Leo Varadkar, and recent attacks on those on social welfare.”

However, Mr Keary continued to defend his comments yesterday, stating: “I stand over everything I said.”

“When a person from another country comes into our country without work, and who has never worked before, they do it for the social welfare benefit and all the trimmings which go with it.

“They are nothing more than social welfare tourists who are improving their status and getting more money than they would in other jurisdictions.”

Mr Keary said he still expects both Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil to support his nomination as mayor on June 26.

So basically a decent and patriotic Irishman made an extremely reasonable comment about the fact that we are being absolutely ass raped by these economic migrants and what we get is the usual coterie of suspects coming out of the woodwork in order to condemn him.

Utterly and absolutely banal in its predictability.

The politically active immigrant slut along with the virtue signalling cuckolded beta male ally immediately sprang into action.

All we need now is a Jewish agitator and we would have the trifecta.

It has actually got to the point where defending ourselves is called racist. Soon we will all be in a position where if we were ever violently attacked by some “minority” on the street asking them to stop assaulting us would be enough to get us labelled as racist.

We need to stand up to these people or they will just keep pushing and pushing and pushing.

You can let Elena Secas know what you think of her at her twitter here.

Likewise let traitorous Beta faggot Cian Prendiville know what you think of his cuckoldry at his twitter here.

Stephen Keary is a hero! You should show him some support at his twitter here


    I hope I live to see the day, when decent people speak freely about the rent-seeking scumbags of the world, and the latter are the ones who must apologize.

    • Keiser Soze

      Blood in the water as the article says. Apologising to these faggots only emboldens them.

    • I hope I live to see the day when these traitorous scum are hanging from a rope. These liberals are actively helping in our destruction, they deserve the harshest punishment.