“Managing” Diversity in Ireland

Apparently we have an entire government department dedicated to the promotion of integration of migrants.

How much of your taxes are spent on this is anyone’s guess.

Also why in the name of God would we want this Third World scum to integrate with us?

When they say integration this is what they mean.

Office for the Promotion of Migrant Integration

“Ireland has become a very diverse society over the past decade or so – Census 2011 showed that 12% of our population were immigrants who had come to work, live or study here. Harnessing and managing this diversity is a key opportunity and a key challenge for everyone. It is clear that integration is a shared challenge for Irish society and cannot be successful without each sector playing a constructive and active role.

A number of key departments and agencies have developed specific strategies to ensure that their services respond to Ireland’s changed demographic in an interculturally competent and inclusive manner. The strategies developed include: an Intercultural Health Strategy; an Intercultural Education Strategy; a Cultural and Arts Policy and Strategy; the Garda Síochána Diversity Strategy; and an Action Strategy for Integrated Workplaces.

The Office for the Promotion of Migrant Integration has responsibility for leading and coordinating work relating to the integration of legally resident immigrants.

The Office is also responsible for the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. Arrangements for this Fund will involve a policy or programming dialogue with the European Commission after which a national multi-annual programme will be drawn up for the period 2014-2020.

Funding for integration of immigrants is also provided by OPMI from purely national sources subject to the reduced resources which are available for all categories of public expenditure at present.”

This section provides information in relation to some of these developments:

National Strategies

Local Strategies

Dublin City Interfaith Forum


Accredited Courses

EU Developments

Migrants in the Media

Migrant Representation

Wearing of the hijab

Speech on wearing the burqa


Fascinating reading. Let’s put aside for the moment that the vast majority of migrants are coming from countries where they are the majority demographic. That is to say they have their own countries.

Let’s put aside the fact that many of them are from the Third World and are bringing with them diseases that were eradicated here such as polio and even leprosy.

Let’s put aside the fact that their education is more often than not substandard and that they are generally speaking low skilled.

Let’s put aside the fact that we can barely support our own people both socially and economically let alone an immigrant increase of 12% on the existing native population and potentially much, much more.

Let’s put all of that aside and ask a few simple questions…

Why are they entitled to be here?

Would we be treated as well as they are if we were flooding into their countries?

Why must white countries and only white countries be “diverse”?

  • Take a look at other countries who have spent billions or in the case of America trillions in trying to integrate non whites. Sweden is letting itself get royally fucked by shitskins, how’s that working out? The UK, France, Germany & many other countries can’t do enough for these ingrates.