Negress awarded €295,000 in settlement nigger lottery after death of husband at Cork University Hospital

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Irish Examiner:

A widow who sued over the care given to her husband at Cork University Hospital has settled her High Court action for €295,000.

Senior counsel Dr John O’Mahony told the court is was a tragic case where 33-year-old father of two Remmy Ajayi, originally from Nigeria suffered total organ failure and died on November 21 2008,

Counsel said the issue in the case related to the nature and extent of treatment of Mr Ajayi’s serious eye infection including with steroids.

Phumla Joana Ajayi, Tuairin Glas, Greenfields, Ballincollig Co Cork had sued the HSE over the care given to her husband at Cork University Hospital.

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Phumla Joana Ajayi outside the High Court 

It was claimed Mr Ajayi had gone to Cork University Hospital on September 16, 2008 complaining of a one week history of redness or infection in his left eye.

His condition was diagnosed as a serious eye infection, toxoplasmosis uveitis, and a treament regime was put in place.

It is further claimed on November 18, 2008 when Mr Ajayi was extremely unwell he was taken to Cork University Hospital by ambulance in circumstances where he was unresponsive.

He was admitted to the hospital but developed complications including acute renal failure and was in a dabetic coma. He further developed pancreatitis resulting in his death from total organ failure on November 21, 2008.

It was claimed there was an alleged failure to provide Mr Ajayi with a an appropriate treament [sic] regime as of November 18, 2008 and a failure to take in to account the risk factors of him developing complications.”

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Toxoplasmosis is not a serious eye infection, that is just a symptom.

It is a parasite that has a broad spectrum of effects on the body.

In particular it affects the brain and can influence behaviour.

Humans generally contract it via poor hygiene practices especially in relation to cats or other animal hosts.

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