Dublin based Muslim con man in ISIS link

Sunday World

GARDAI are investigating links between a Dublin-based suspected fraudster and the financing of Islamic State.
The man, who is originally from Libya but is living in Clonee in Dublin, is at the centre of a €100,000 fraud probe.

While Gardaí were investigating the fraud allegations they discovered potential links between him and the funding of the Islamic State group.

The more our police expose the links between Ireland and these animals the higher chance we will have a Manchester or London type event.

They’ve felt confident here up till now. Hiding while using Ireland as a base for their various nefarious activities. Not anymore though, there has been a lot of activity recently by our security forces because of the barbaric attacks across the water.

Just a matter of time before an attack here. Then we’ll hear once again from the Irish shitlibs how it’s not all Muslims and it’s a religion of peace.