Irish Naval Service lending a hand in the death of Europe

To our great shame the Irish Naval Service is in the news again today, once again abetting the human trafficking and invasion of Europe from North Africa.
Fucking parody

183 invaders were ‘rescued from the Med just 40km away from Tripoli, but rather than dropping these vagrants back to the African coast, our sailors will be bringing them the rest of the way to Europe.

The human equivalent of an envelope full of anthrax

This of course not only increases the numbers poisoning our continent but also sends the message to the rest of the world that risking the Med crossing is worthwhile and even the smart move as our very own supposed defenders will make it a safe journey.

I wonder how many Irishmen aboard the LÉ Eithne feel shame for this treachery of their own children and future generations? The shame sits on all of us as a people and will take a lot to make up for.

We have the solution