Verses of the Quran wrapped in bacon sent to Limerick Mosque

More of the victim narrative is being pushed in the Limerick Leader. Let’s take a closer look at this narrative and the “not all Moslems” meme.

Limerick Leader:

Verses of the Quran wrapped in bacon sent to Limerick mosque

Verses of the Quran wrapped in bacon are sent to Limerick mosque


A MOSQUE in Limerick received verses from the Quran wrapped in slices of bacon in the post, following the rise in terrorist attacks worldwide claimed by the so-called Islamic State.

The Imam, or head of the centre, did not wish to disclose its location in Limerick out of sensitivity to those who pray at the mosque and who have not been made aware of a number of threats made.

He said they also now fear further reprisals against the Muslim community, following acts of vandalism at other mosques in Limerick and in Galway.

The mosque in question also received several “very offensive items” sent in the post, including images of the Prophet Mohammad in the post – with a bomb in his turban.

The Imam did not report these incidents to the gardai, nor were they committed in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Manchester or London.

Separately, Imam Khaled Ghafour, of the mosque in Dooradoyle, said they too have been broken into and vandalised on three occasions in recent times, which he had not highlighted previously.

On one occasion the perpetrators urinated on the carpet, which he said was the “worst incident” they have suffered. 

Its windows have been broken on several occasions and items in the mosque have been smashed, he added.

They have since installed CCTV cameras and reported a series of incidents to gardai.

Imam Ghafour said prayers were immediately offered in the mosque following the terrorist attacks in Manchester and London in recent weeks, in which 30 people were killed.

“For people to commit these atrocities, especially in the month of Ramadan, which is meant to be a month of mercy, these people have no understanding of Islam at all. 

“People shouldn’t fear Muslims. I always give people the example of the IRA attacks in the UK, when Irish people were looked in the same light [as terrorists]. I would have thought Irish people would be more understanding. Not all Muslims are terrorists, and neither were all Irish people,” he told the Limerick Leader.


Sure, not all Irish people during “the Troubles” living in the UK were terrorists but the UK had no way of automatically knowing who was and who wasn’t so it was very prudent of them to take precautions such as doing security checks and restricting travel.

That said I do think the conflation of the religion of an entire people with the political outlook of hard-line sectarian groups is extremely disingenuous but hey these are the games that Moslems play.


Speaking of games and “taqqiya” we really do need to get a handle on this “not all Moslems” nonsense.

Not all Moslems are actively engaged in terrorism. This is true. However all Moslems are actively engaged in Islam and one of the central doctrines of Islam is jihad.

Moslems are required by their faith to proselytise and convert others to Islam; a questionable faith to say the least.

It is also a central tenant of the religion to treat those who do not convert extremely poorly by mechanisms such as jizya.

This is in the Quran. This is in their actual “Holy” Book which they ALL follow and take as 100% truth.

I jihad, you jihad, he/she jihads, we jihad, they jihad

Every Muslim believes in the central tenants of Islam so when they say “not all Moslems” what they mean is “not all Moslems actively have to engage in jihad because we have some Moslems who do and we can just hide behind them”.

This is what happened in Rotherham. Not all Moslems were gang raping little British girls but the WHOLE community knew about it and didn’t try to stop it.

When you couple this all this with the natural propensity of brown people to behave like absolute savages you have a recipe for disaster.

So what do you think will happen should Moslems ever become a majority in Europe?

The Muslim population in Limerick is continuing to rise, in line with national trends, with the number of Muslims in the State increasing by 14,200 over the past five years, a rise of 29%, according to the 2016 Census.

Food for thought!