Young wog gets off with a fine

A young Negro has evaded punishment for abusing Gardai this week, being let off with a small fine.
Someone should check the local graveyard to see which corpse he robbed the jacket off
Sieusiso Sijaji , a South African invader living in Donabate had been verbally abusive and threatening toward Gardai in an incident last April.

The ‘business and tourism’ student found himself attacking Gardai in Swords just after 9am on April 6th, in an unprovoked incident. The nigger has since apologised and pending a €300 payment to Temple Street Children’s Hospital he will get away scotfree.

Footage of the arrest

The wanton little pox displayed the usual Negroid behaviour with his aggression and disrespect for the civil servants of a country which should not have allowed entry to him in the first place. His rancid mother was said to be “very angry and very embarrassed” but considering how groids behave in South Africa you can be sure the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

Here he can be seen trying to eat an Irish girl
It is quite shocking that we are allowing South African niggers into this country considering the genocide and wanton barbarity they mete out to whites in SA.

The dirty little jigaboo should be deported after a solid hiding, instead he’s using up our resources and poisoning the society around him with his disgenic criminality.

The Garda is just lucky the rotten little bastard didn’t try to hump his leg on the day, these nappy headed farm animals would rub their mebs on anything with a pulse.