Your daily dose of pro-plantation propaganda

The Irish Times put out a sob story yesterday about a Zimbabwean invader says he was tortured back in the country his people have destroyed.
Shameless propaganda by the IT

Mxolisi Siluma is now living out of your pocket in the Direct Provision centre in Wexford, apparently he deserves to because of the barbarity he endured in what was once Rhodesia. I don’t doubt he was tortured to be honest, it would be a regular occurrence in that part of the world, what I cannot comprehend is why we should care.

When whitey runs the show
20 or 30 years of Negroes will destroy anything
Zimbabwe is a shit hole

Like so many other instances, the removal of whites and rise of a black majority has left what was the bread basket of Africa in ruins, desperately begging for aid as the jigaboos fail at every level to function as a modern country. This man and his people took great joy in displacing, brutalising and ethnically cleansing the whites that made the country great and now that they are reaping the benefits of that crime, they expect whitey to carry them and make up for their indolence and uselessness.

Mr Siluma and his people deserve the harsh outcome, every ounce of it.

The fact he now lives in the sunny south east, catered to and kept in better circumstances than the Irish poor, is an utter disgrace. Zimbabwe and South Africa in particular, should be completely blacklisted and boycotted by any white nation and their niggers denied any entry, the filth have engaged in rampant criminality against whites and make no secret of their genocidal intent.

He quite shamelessly relates how he paid some Nigerian scumbag (surprise, surprise) to get him a passport and flight to Europe, what is not mentioned is whether he arrived first in Ireland or cherry picked his way across the continent looking for the best welfare arrangement.

What is also tellingly left out is whether he has been refused asylum yet and if so how many appeals he has gone through. It really is a perfect example of our press working against our own national interest by abetting the plantation of Ireland mark 2.