Complicit Irish media protecting child abusers **Updated**

Last Monday a Facebook post by Dublin mother Kelsey Mia-Rose began to circulate around different social media.
This is how brazen these animals are, how immune to the law they feel
It contained pictures of a Middle Eastern/Asian looking man walking away from her on Dublin’s Moore street, after what she claims was an attempted abduction by him of her 2 year old daughter.

It’s frightening stuff for any parent to imagine as it is, but what has followed is even more chilling if you’re a native Irish parent.

Thus far only the Independent seem to be reporting on this incident and they are covering up for the scumbag, describing him as ‘Eastern European’ while failing to provide the picture evidence.

“Images of this nature would normally be circulated amongst Garda stations in a situation like this, although that would be a private matter,”

a Garda spokesperson said.


If he was an actual Eastern European his face would be plastered all over the news, this is our corrupt media and police force aiding a child abductor. They keep parents in the dark as to who they need to watch out for.

The authorities seem sure they know who he is anyway, as the local security recognise the animal from being around the Ilac shopping centre, though whether this will lead to any form of justice is doubtful.

No, instead we will be told he is Eastern European and not the obvious Islamic ‘refugee’ that we can see he is.

Make no mistake folks, our media and judiciary are against us and the well being of our children.

Irish state and media used to cover up Priest’s abuse of our children, now they do it for Muslims
On the same day as this incident, another Islamic child rapist, Bohemians footballer Ismahil Akinade, was being lauded by

The pestilent fucker was greeted upon his return to the pitch after an illness with a standing ovation.

This man and a group of 5 others were engaged in a protracted, aggressive and methodical rape and abuse of a 14 year old girl in Leixlip, after which our supposed Justice system let him and his friends go free with only a suspended sentence.

Teflon Akinade

He literally engaged in a long term and brutal gang rape of a child and was let go free.

Then all reporting of the fact-which was minimal in the first place- was scrubbed from the media when he joined Bohemians FC. This shows our media will hush up crimes against Irish children, as they did with the church and will even heap praise on the offender just to virtue signal.

Our Judiciary will forgive any crime it seems once it is directed at Irish children by foreign planters and invaders.

It also shows what a deeply despicable group the Bohemians FC club and fan base are, embracing a child brutaliser simply because he can play a game.

Plot thickens around Akinade gang rape cover up

If you are an Irish parent then have no doubt about it, your children are being actively targetted and those you think are here to protect you will aid the criminals against you.

Look to England and the decades of rape and torture against children there by Islamic gangs that the state aided and covered up and you will have an idea of where Ireland is headed.


The case of the child snatcher has been reported on in the Sun newspaper, but with some slight addition.
The nasty scheming rat bastards

They have doctored the picture of the filthy baby thief, pixelating his face and changing the colour of his clothes. They also added in a full facial picture of some unrelated yet equally detestable white child rapist.

These are tricks used to control how the reader perceives the story, giving the perpetrator darker clothes and indistinct features while highlighting a white man and thus making his features the more striking image on the article. A deliberate attempt to dampen the perception of the migrant child abuser and in it’s place promote the dirty white pedo image of child abuse.

Now of course there are white pedos and they all deserve the rope, but endangering the public by hiding the propensity towards the lowest kind of crimes in these pox bottles is treasonous and is going to get women and children killed.

The media in this country are a tool wielded against the people and our interests.