Irish Female Judge lets North African Sex Offender Off

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A judge has agreed to give one last chance to a convicted sex offender who poses a risk to public safety.

Munir Ghariani (26) received a suspended jail term last May after he admitted attacking a woman on a street “for the thrill”. At the time, Judge Melanie Greally warned Ghariani that she would have “no hesitation” in reactivating the three-year sentence if he broke any of the conditions for his release.

So why didn’t she? This is typical of Irish judges. Their leniency when it comes to serious criminality is incredible yet when it comes to white-collar crime perpetrated by natives they throw the book at them. In Ireland you’re more likely to go to prison for not having a television licence then you are for rape.

Today the Probation Service brought the case back before Judge Greally because of his failure to meet with Probation Officers.

Munir Ghariani: He is Irish just like you or me

His probation officer Michelle Richardson said she had not seen him in person since his sentencing. She said that a man posing such a risk to public safety as Ghariani needs to present himself regularly to the Probation Service.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard Ghariani is also charged with breaches of the Sex Offenders Act because of alleged failures to notify authorities of his address.

Michael Bowman SC, defending, said that his client had a background of difficulties but had been taking his anti-psychotic medication.

Judge Greally agreed to put the matter back for two weeks. She said if Ghariani did not turn up for two weekly meetings in that time he would be jailed.

Ghariani, formerly of Granitefield, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin had pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to robbery of the woman, a Chinese national, on Granville Road, Cabinteely on March 21, 2016.

The victim was on her way home from a lecture in UCD when she noticed Ghariani following close behind her. He repeatedly asked to use her phone as he walked behind her.

The woman refused and he asked why. Ghariani then pushed her to the ground and tried to grab the phone. During the struggle he bit her finger in an attempt to get her to release the phone.

This was a clear case of gibs me that. The only mitigating circumstance here was that the woman was Chinese. If it had been an Irish woman then she would have been guilty of racism for not handing over phone to the North African rapist.

The woman screamed for help as Ghariani attempted to flee but a passer-by tackled and held him until gardaí arrived.

Ghariani has 34 previous convictions including one for sexual assault after he groped a woman from behind as she was taking money out of an ATM. He was registered as a sex offender for that offence.

His other convictions include indecency, burglary and theft. The court heard he was on bail for a similar offence at the time of this robbery.

The court previously heard that Ghariani became an involuntary patient at St John of God’s hospital in south Dublin on April 3 of this year.

Ms Richardson previously told the court she and her colleagues considered him “high-risk” and said it was essential he continue to take his anti-psychotic medications.

Ms Richardson said Ghariani had been “non-compliant” with his medication in the past.

“We feel we have to adopt a high-risk approach,” said Ms Richardson, adding that the probation service would continue to meet with him for two years.

She said Ghariani had recently become homeless, and so she had liaised with local authorities who had agreed to provide him with accommodation.

How nice! The dregs and the scum of the earth come to Ireland and get free housing.

Sure why not? Why not give a convicted sex offender with 34 previous convictions a free house.

I for one am just shocked that he didn’t get free BMW too.

Judge Greally imposed a four-year sentence and, taking into account the time Ghariani has spent in custody on this matter, backdated the sentence to May 19, 2016. She suspended the balance of the sentence.

What a surprise. It is clear to me that this judge doesn’t have the balls to give a proper sentence.

That would have been funny if the whole situation wasn’t so stupid and tragic.

She referred to the “disturbing nature” of the robbery, and said she was “mindful of the high risk he presents to the community”.

She’s obviously not mindful of the high risk he presents to the community because she suspended his sentence.

For some reason she doesn’t care about the risk to the community and as such the next time he robs, beats or sexually assault a girl as far as I’m concerned it’s on her…
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