A look at Avro Manhattan

Avro was incredibly wealthy and was an English Baron. A title he obtained by marrying a wealthy English Baronet.

He had homes in Kensington in London, South Shields and Spain and was also was a Knight of the House of Savoy, a Knight Templar and Knight of the Order of Mercedes.

I don’t know how someone who is a knight of this and a knight of that but hasn’t really done anything but write books and politically agitate can accuse anyone of conspiring against the public. I came across Avro’s work by chance; picking up one of his books in a Charity shop, for less than £1. It is titled Religious terror in Ireland. It is the book Catholic terror in Ireland, re-titled and aimed at Britons.

Having read the book and observed the titles of some of his other books I can conclude that Avro was an ideologue and a polemic who presented a completely one sided view. By the time the book was written, in 1988, Avro’s mates in the international banking fraternity had almost finished conquering Europe. All that was left was the fall of the Berlin wall and the Catholic Church.

Now I am no fan of the Catholic Church, and there is no doubt some truth in Avro’s work. However, my interest in this article is to assess how Jews like Avro influenced the conflict in Northern Ireland and how the Catholic Church was perceived around Europe in general. Something to be noted is that the bankers sometimes work with the Catholic Church but the two entities that are essentially vying for power. The Catholic Church was in a good position in the 1930s and famously postured with the Fascists in Italy and elsewhere, including Ireland.

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