Mehole Martin is an arse

We have another example of Fianna Fail throwing the election before it happens this morning.
Michael Martin, leader of FF and all round moron, has accused the Taoiseach of being unfair to the Gardai after they were caught lying en masse about the Jobstown incident.

At no point have the Gardaí been so widely and utterly distrusted by the public as right now, with scandal after scandal after scandal, our Police service has been steadily run into the ground reputation wise and Fianna Fail-but especially Fine Gael- have been the authors of all that.

It behoves no politician who likes being voted for, to ride to the rescue of the Gardaí now considering recent events and only serves to show the symbiotic nature of the corruption.

The past decade has just been a stream of scandals uncovering Garda scandal and fuckery

Martin certainly can’t think the Gardaí as a voting bloc will win him an election when a stunt like this will lose him so many other votes.

If an election happens this year the two main parties will bleed votes.

As we saw in the UK, an almost deliberate hand over of votes is happening from the Neo-Con parties to the rabid, baby eating Left.

  • Wesley Keeley

    mehole martin LOL more like meathole martin he likes meat in his hole Ha ha