More Islamic Planters picked up by Gardaí

A couple of arrests have taken place over the week in relation to Islamic terrorist activities.

Limerick and Wexford both saw men of Moroccan origin arrested due to their connection to Rachid Redouane, a Moroccan Islamist scumshit involved in the London Bridge attack that claimed 7 lives and injured a couple of dozen more.

Rachid Reduoane, the dirty scumbag had plenty of friends here it seems

The Wexford arrest is said to be of more serious nature and involved the Special Detective Unit whom also searched a property.

In Limerick, the man detained was simply using Redouane’s PPS and ID’s in order to work illegally and is not believed to be an active terrorist, though that means little.

The Irish Times one of the few to report on this
If he is a muzzrat and from Morocco then he shouldn’t be here in the first place.

This shows that our state forces are at least making efforts toward picking up on the Muslim problem though I would suspect they are still woefully behind the curve.

It also goes to show that our grasp on how many people are here illegally and what their identities even are is probably miles off, as the planters are treading their identities with each other with little fear of being caught out. In fact it points to our state bodies having a very tenuous grasp on the invaders and their situation here at all.

You can be sure the scale of our modern plantation is not being made clear to anyone, least of all the native population who are about to wake up to a very serious situation indeed as the planters numbers become more clear.